Zara Cravings

Good morning guys, right now I’m totally addicted to the fashion store Zara. Maybe you’ve already noticed that. That’s why I made a little Zara Cravings-List, with all the things I really need for fall. It’s a lot of black into this list, but black fits perfectly to everything and to every occasion, so it’s THE perfect color for me. Enjoy my little Craving-List and maybe get some inspiration for your fall shopping. Wish you a nice day.

Leather Boots: Totally in love with these black leather boots. And I definitely need some for fall, cause I don’t have boots like that (believe it or not). Aren’t they perfect?

Shorts: Aren’t they just so cute? Actually love this color for fall and can image so many ways to combine these shorts! I also think that they are an eye-catcher and make every outfit fall-ready (hope you know what I mean).

Skinny Jeans: I think I don’t have to say so much about this skinny black jeans. Cause every women needs a perfect skinny black jeans.

Necklace: I’m so into statement necklaces and this one is just so lovely. I was thinking about buying it a few times in the store and now I knew I need it for fall to add a special touch to every simple outfit.

Grey Sweater: Maybe better for winter but who cares, I love some big cozy sweaters and so I need to order this one. Also grey is such a cute color for winter and for fall.

Bag: Am I the only one with the problem that my favorite bags are wasted so fast? Maybe I’m carrying around too much stuff. But I need a new favorite big bag and I think this one could be a new good favorite.

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