8 Basics Every Women Need…

8 Basics Every Women Need in their Wardrobe on www.vogueetvoyage.com

…In their wardrobe 

Hey everyone! Today I have a different article for you. It’s about basic pieces every women should own in their wardrobe if you ask me.
Basics are definitely the pieces in a women’s wardrobe that can be worn in every season and to nearly every occasion. Also they are perfect for those “I have nothing to wear”-Days. For example Leather jacket, basic tee and jeans. Perfect classic and basic look. So what basics do you need in your wardrobe? I sum up my 8 basics every women need in their wardrobe. Let’s go: Continue reading

MBFW Berlin Second Look

MBFW Berlin Second Look | See more pictures and details about Jeany's second #FashionWeek look on www.vogueetvoyage.com #ootd #poncho #FW #MBFW #FWB
Hey everyone and happy Thursday! As promised I finally share my second fashion week look with you today. This outfit is definitely not as warm as the last one but it’s my favorite. I’m so in love with the turtleneck poncho and I think it looks amazing in combo with the bag. What do you think? I think the bag is the perfect Eye-catcher to make the whole look more interesting. The beautiful Furla bag is borrowed, but I’m really thinking about getting my own one, because they’re so beautiful. I actually can’t believe that this is nearly one week ago, time is running so fast right now. I also plan to share a little Berlin Fashion Week travel diary with you on Sunday. But before that don’t forget to let me know which one of my two Fashion Week looks your favorite one was! I can’t wait to read your comments.
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Casual for a snowy Walk

Casual for a snowy Walk | Jeany from www.vogueetvoyage.com is wearing a cozy and casual outfit for a winter walk in the snow. #winteroutfit #turtleneck #ootd Good morning and happy Wednesday! Today is the day! As maybe some of you already read on my Instagram I’m off to Berlin for the Fashion Week. But before all the FW-Posts coming I have a casual winter outfit for you. The pictures where taken a few days ago on a snowy walk. The main focus of the outfit is to stay warm. If you’re a bit confused about my shoes it wasn’t cold at all. A warm winter jacket and a turtleneck sweater are the perfect combo to stay warm and it’s even better if the colors of both pieces fits perfectly together. I also combine my white Adidas Superstars to my outfit because they fit perfectly to the white snow if you ask me. Also the high-waisted jeans made the look more interesting and special. As always let me know what you think about this casual winter outfit. I can’t wait to read your opinion!
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Light Shades

Light Shades on www.vogueetvoyage.com
Good evening everyone and happy first Advent! Today I have a new outfit post for you and also some news. But lets start with the outfit. The pictures were taken yesterday. The weather was rainy and grey and so I decided to wear some light colors as a contrast to the weather. The outfit is based on the color beige. If you want to mix different pieces from the same color family together in a look it’s important that all the pieces have a different texture. For example I’m wearing a woolen sweater and a blouse underneath to make the outfit more interesting. So what do you think about this look?
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Grey and Flowers

Grey and Flowers on www.vogueetvoyage.com #fall #flowers #grey #coat
Hey everyone and good evening! The weather is getting colder and colder right now. The weather forecast actually says that it’s going to snow on Sunday. But enough about the weather. Today I have a second look for you with my new grey coat. This time I paired it with brown accessories, a black jeans and a floral printed blouse. I’m also wearing the MAC Lipstick in the color ‘Stone’ again. And I personally think it fits perfectly to the whole outfit. So let me know what you think about this look?
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Cozy Fall

A cozy fall look on www.vogueetvoyage.com #fall #herbstmode #fallfashion #ootd #cozy #outfit

Hey Lovelies and happy evening! I hope you all had a great week so far. Today I have a casual and cozy everyday outfit for you (again with my beloved suede skirt). I really hope you’re not tired of seeing so many different outfits with this skirt.
The outfit is based on coziness and I think perfect for every day, for example when you’re sitting at University all day like me right now. Therefore I’m carrying a huge bag with me, where everything fits perfectly inside (even my Laptop), and wearing flat boots. The weather was really good the last weeks, so a comfy grey cardigan was enough to say warm (and also super cozy). So what do you think about this outfit?
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Layering and Overknees

Layering and Overknees on www.vogueetvoyage.com #fall #autumn #layering #overknees #fallfashion

Good morning everyone and happy Sunday! Hope you all had a great weekend so far, mine was quite relaxing. So today I have a new fall look for you.
Fall is all about layering. When you have a layering look it’s important to wear pieces with different material. Like in my outfit, I’m wearing a suede skirt, a long blouse and a cozy sweater. All three pieces are made of a different material and have a different structure. Personally I would say that’s important to make a layering look interesting. So what do you think about this layering look?
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Stripes on www.vogueetvoyage.com #fashion #fallfashion #leather #black #stripes #outfit
Good evening! Today I want to talk with you about a casual go-to look. We all have these days where we just don’t know what to wear. Actually on these days I always rely on a (black) jeans, my all-time favorite boots and a leather jacket. I think you can’t go wrong with this combo. It’s super easy, but stylish and a bit edgy. I also combine this outfit with a striped shirt and a statement necklace. What do you think about this casual everyday look?  And what is your go-to combination?
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Casual Fall

Casual Fall on www.vogueetvoyage.com #fallfashion #casual #fashion #outfit
Good evening everyone, hope you all had a lovely Sunday. Sundays are made for casual and comfy clothes, so I have a casual and relaxed look for you today. The weather is still good enough to walk around without a coat or warm jacket, a scarf is still enough to stay warm. I combined the scarf with a high-waisted jeans, a turtleneck shirt and boots  to stay comfy. I also changed my hair color a bit, it’s a bit darker with a reddish touch now. But it’s actually not as red as in the pictures. However I think it fits perfectly to the fall season. What do you think?
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