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Paris Travel Diary on #paris #travel

Jardin des Tuileries

Happy Sunday! I’ve visited a really good friend of mine in Lüneburg this weekend and so I totally forget about uploading this post. I’m already one month back from my trip to Paris and still have some content to share with you. So you can obviously see that I’m still struggling to balance work, my social life and my blog. But hey I’m getting better and better, so be patient with me. But enough about my struggles let’s talk about my last travel experience:
Paris, mon amour. It actually was my 4th time in Paris and I’m so fascinated by this amazing city every single time. As I’ve been to Paris quite often already it still amazes me how inspiring the city is. The whole city got it’s only vibe and style. Today I want to share a little Paris Travel Diary with you about my little trip there, with some tips about what to do, where to eat, you know the drill:

Paris Travel Diary on #paris #travel

Things to do (best photo spots):

  • Rooftop terrace at the Galerie Lafayette: Shopping is definitely not the only nice thing you can do at the Galerie Lafayette. You sould definitly check out the rooftop terrace as well. The view is just amazing.

  • Palais Royal (Colonnes de Buren): Such a beautiful location and it’s perfect to take pictures, I promise. And if you don’t believe me, wait for my next outfit post because the pictures where taken there.

  • Pont Alexandre III: Another beautiful photo location is the Pont Alexandre III. I’ve already shown you my first outfit from Paris which we shoot there. And a lot of you already said in the comments of my last post how beautiful the location was. I’ve also seen a lot of young people sitting there (and in general at the Seine) in the evenings. So it’s definitely a nice place to relax.

  • Eiffel Tower: The classic touristic spot in Paris. But every time I’m in Paris I’ve to go to the Eiffel Tower.

  • Jardin des Tuileries: Sitting in the parc is definitly something you should do in Paris. My favorite one is actually the “Jardin the Plantes” but this time we spend one evening with macarons at the Jardin the Tuileries and it was super relaxing. So I highly recommend that to you next time you’re in the city.

  • Just walk around: The centre of Paris is not so big, so it’s actually really easy to walk most of the time and it’s really worth it. The streets of Paris are adorable and so photogenic.

Paris Travel Diary on #paris #travel

Where to eat, drink & snack:

  • Benedict: If you love Burger as much as I do you have to check out this place! Actually it’s quite hip right now but we just waited around 5 minutes to get a table. And waiting is definitely worth it!

  • Ladurèe: Macarons, macarons and more macarons. If you’re in Paris it’s definitely the one candy you have to try. I would recommend you to buy some macarons from Ladurèe and just go to a parc and eat them there. On our second day in Paris that was actually what we did. We bought some macarons at the Champs Elysee, walked to the Jardin the Tuileries and spent our evening there.

Paris Travel Diary on #paris #travel

Where to stay:

  • La villa Haussmann: The beautiful hotel we stayed in was directly located at the Haussmann Boulevard. If you follow me on Instagram (@vogueetvoyage) you’ve already seen our room there and also the pool. Personally I freaking love hotels that have a pool even if it’s just a small one like in this hotel. Also the hotel was really stylish and we also had a little balcony (big plus if you ask me). You can see the view from our balcony in the picture above. The hotel I’ve stayed in, the last time I was in Paris back in 2014, was horrible (but that’s a totally different story that I’m maybe going to tell you someday). So this time I wanted to stay somewhere, where I feel save and don’t be scared to walk around near the hotel when it’s dark. So if you book a hotel always check the area it’s located in. However I can really recommend you la villa Haussmann.

Have you already been to Paris? And how do you like the city? I can’t wait to hear some of your travel experiences! Have a lovely evening. Lots of Love, Jeany.

Paris Travel Diary on #paris #ootd #allblackeverything

Jardin des Tuileries

Paris Travel Diary on #paris #travel


Paris Travel Diary on #paris #travel

Boulevard Haussmann

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