Black and Grey for Fall

Black and Grey for Fall on #ootd #falloutfit #black #grey

EN | Happy Friday Lovelies! I hope you all had a great week! I really have the feeling that time is flying right now. And Christmas is also already around the corner! I mean how crazy is that?! It feels like summer has ended yesterday.
Anyway I want to show you today’s outfit. And I can tell you I didn’t expected to freeze my ass of in tights. It’s actually already so cold here in Germany. But I have to admit that I’m really in love with all the fall colors right now. For today’s look I decided to combine only back and grey pieces together. Especially my grey winter jacket is definitely an essential right now. Also a suede leather skirt actually keeps quite warm. As a accessory I decided to go for a little scarf tied around my neck. What do you think about it? I think it looks quite cute. Also how do you like this outfit? I can’t wait to read your opinion.
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Fluffy Teal Green Jacket

Fluffy Teal Green Jacket on #ivyrevel #fakefur #ootdEN | Happy Monday and good evening! I had so much stuff for my bachelor thesis to do. That’s actually also the reason why todays posts is so late. But I want to show you these pictures and this outfit so badly that I couldn’t wait any longer.
Also I finally found the perfect faux fur jacket! I personally would never wear real fur but freaking love the look of faux fur jackets. However it’s really hard to find a good one in my opinion.  I’ve been looking for a good one for years now so I was supper happy that I found this teal green jacket. The most amazing think besides the color and the look is that the jacket got pockets (which is a big plus in my opinion)! The jacket is such a unique and eye-catching piece if you ask me. Also it keeps so warm (which was my biggest concern in the beginning), so it’s actually the perfect winter jacket for me.
For this look I combined the jacket with classic black jeans and a turtleneck shirt with a black and white print. I also combined my Guess bag with the look for a little print mix between the jacket and the bag. What do you think about this outfit? And how do you like this jacket and faux fur jacket in general? Continue reading

3 Ways to Wear…

3 Ways to Wear a grey long coat for F/W on #greycoat #howtostyle #ootd #fashion

…a grey long coat for F/W

EN | Hey Lovelies and happy Friday! I can’t believe that my last “3 Ways to Wear” article is over half a year ago. I personally love seeing how to style a certain piece in different ways. That was also the reason why I created this ‘column’. I definitely want to make this a monthly thing and I would love to hear if this is something you would love to read about more often. In this monthly column I want to show you three different ways of how to style a grey long coat for fall and winter season. So here we go: Continue reading

Casual Camouflage

Casual Camouflage on #camouflage #fall #ootd #herbstmodeEN | Happy Friday! I hope you all had a great and productive week. I’m actually planing everything for my bachelor thesis right now so you might imagine how stressed I am. Also it’s probably going to be a bit more quite here on the blog and on my social media sites because the thesis is my priority right now. I’m trying to be as active as possible of course because I don’t want to disregard my blog. Because I freaking love sharing all my outfits and travel stories with you guys. However is anybody of you writing your bachelor thesis as well right now?
But enough about university. So today I want to share a casual and simple way of how to style camouflage pants for fall with you. To keep this look as casual as possible I paired the pants with a simple turtleneck and black boots. Also to make the look a bit more interesting I decided to go for my red bag and also red lipstick. I think both ways are so perfect to add a little pop of color to any outfit. What do you think about this outfit? And how would you style camouflage pants for a casual everyday look? Continue reading

October Favorites

October Favorites on #shopping #fall #style #fashion

1.*Lipstick: MAC (Burnt Violet via Douglas) | 2.*Scarf: Filippa K (via Zalando) | 3.*Leather Skirt: Asos | 4.*Bag: Love Moschino (via Zalando) | 5.*Coat: Edited  | 6. Jeans: Topshop | 7. *Boots: KG by Kurt Geigner (via About You)

EN | Happy Monday! Dark Lips are a must when it comes to fall season if you ask me. I’m actually so in love with all kind of berry colors and especially with the one from MAC called ‘Burnt Violet’. Also a scarf is another must when the weather gets colder and the color of this one really fits perfectly to everything.  Also how beautiful is this coat from Edited? The Topshop jeans with the patches is already on it’s way to me and I can’t wait to style it! Patches on all kind of denim pieces are totally en vogue right now and I personally love it! I think it adds a more interesting and a bit edgy touch to every outfit! What do you think about it? I also see eye-catching boots in interesting colors or with prints everywhere at the moment and I love the one from KG by Kurt Geigner a lot. I just think the color is insane!
I’ve also updated my shop if you want to check out more of my current fall favorites or are still looking for the perfect fall pieces for your wardrobe. And don’t forget to let me know what’s on your shopping list this month and what your favorite piece of mine is!
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New York Follow Me Around

EN | Happy Friday everyone! Today I have something completely different for you here on my blog. As you can obviously see it’s a little Follow Me Around Video from New York. I actually don’t want to say to much, just enjoy the video!
Please let me know what you think about this whole video and FMA stuff! And also let me know if you would like to see more videos about my future travel destinations. I personally thought that this is a great variety to the written posts about New York. Especially a little addition to my New York Travel Diary where I tell you everything about the best places around town (you can find it here, if you haven’t seen it already).
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How to style the Trend Color Orange for Fall | ABOUT YOU

How to style the Trend Color Orange for Fall | ABOUT YOU on #orange #trend #fall

In cooperation with ABOUT YOU

EN | Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great week. Today’s post will be all about the ultimate trend color this fall. ORANGE is definitely the trend color number one this fall! It’s also this on trend you can’t ignore. I can totally understand if you’re thinking something like ‘How can I style such a bright color without looking ridiculous’. Personally I have to say that I wasn’t sure about wearing the color but now I’m totally in love with it. Actually it’s all about coming out of you comfort zone and trying out new things. So my ultimate tip to style the trend color would be to combine it with more simple/ basic colors like black, beige or denim blue. It’s the perfect way to make the orange piece the main one of your outfit.
That’s actually the reason why I went for black boots and a black suede skirt in combination with the orange turtleneck. Therefore the orange sweater is the main piece of the look. Turtlenecks are also totally en vogue right now and I personally really love them. Which is an other big plus of this sweater. How do you like this outfit and what do you think about the trend color orange? And how would you style it?
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New York Street Style | Back to the 90s

New York | Back to the 90s on #90s #chocker #ootd

EN | Hey and happy Monday! This outfit is definitely a trip back on memory line. Choker were actually a really big thing when I was a kid and in primary school (early 2000s). I’ve got one back in time but I used to wear it everyday until my mom threw it away because it was super baggy. When I was in New York and was shopping at Brandy Melville I saw this rose choker and was so in love right away. I also bought it in black, because that’s what I was actually looking for for quite a few month now. Do you also know this trend from back in the days?
This is also the first time I show you my cute new bag from Guess that I bought in New York as well. I actually bought it at Century21 where you can get designer pieces for less.
For this look I combined the choker and bag with a simple grey dress and my Superstars. And by the way these pictures were also taken in New York (Soho) at the beginning of September. Because the weather here in Germany is obviously not good enough to wear a short dress like this one right now. So what do you think about this outfit? And are you also so obsessed with chokers at the moment? I can’t wait to read your comments!
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New York Travel Diary – Best places around town

New York Travel Diary - Best places around town on #travel #newyorkHappy Friday everyone! Today I finally have my New York Travel Diary for you! As you probably all know (because I already uploaded a few posts from the city) I’ve been to New York at the beginning of September and I absolutely love this city! So this post will be all about my favorite places around town. About where to go, eat/drink/snack, sleep and shop. Because the post is already quite long let’s start directly with my list, so here we go:

New York Travel Diary - Best places around town on #travel #newyorkOne World Observatory

Things to do:

Brooklyn Bridge Park (& Brooklyn Bridge): Probably one of my favorite places. You have an amazing view at the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Skyline. You can also sit there so you can pick up some food or a snack or something to drink before you sit there and enjoy the view. Also walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, but make sure that it’s quite early otherwise the Bridge is full of tourists. (Brooklyn Bridge Park Homepage)
High Line Park: The High Line is an old freight rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side, where plants and flowers are growing now. So it’s really nice to take a relaxing walk there. (High Line Park Homepage)
Staten Island Ferry: The Staten Island Ferry is free so it doesn’t cost you a penny. Also the view from the Ferry is really nice and you past the Stature of Liberty.  (Staten Island Ferry Homepage)
Circle Line: At the Pier 83. I have to say that the view at the Circle Line Cruise is definitely more beautiful than at the Staten Island Ferry. So if you don’t care about paying something I would recommend this Cruise more.  (Circle Line Cruise Homepage )
Greenwich Village: Probably my absolute favorite district in Manhattan. There are so many cute shops and restaurant and also some rooftop gardens. It’s just really nice to walk around there.
Jefferson Market Garden: While you’re walking through Greenwich Village you should definitely make a stop at the Jefferson Market Garden. Adress: 70A Greenwich Village, opening is weather permitted, opening times: 10 AM to dusk every day, expect Mondays. (Jefferson Market Garden Homepage)
Dumbo: is short for Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass and is a part of Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Bridge Park is also located here and the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. Also there are everywhere super cute shops and cafés.
Top of The Rock: At the Rockefeller Center. It’s typically touristic but the view is breathtaking. Address: 45 Rockefeller Plaza
One World Observatory: Also a typical touristic attraction. But the view over the city is insane.
Grand Central Terminal: I think everyone knows this place from movies and series and it’s definitely worth a visit. Address: 89E 42nd Street

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Khaki for Fall |

Khaki for Fall | on #khaki #ootd #falloutfit

In cooperation with

EN | Happy Monday! Today’s outfit is all about one of the trend colors for this fall: Khaki! I actually got the dress in cooperation with, and I think it’s so cute for fall. And this is also my second fall look I styled in cooperation with, you can find my first look here if you haven’t seen it already.
For this outfit I decided to go for a quite simple look. Just a dress, hat, boots and the main color khaki. I personally really think khaki is perfect for fall, it just fits perfectly to the colder rainy season. However for a little cheeky detail detail, I decided to wear my lace top underneath the dress. To stay with the color khaki I also picked a hat in that color. Also I really love the combo of khaki green and red, it make an outfit so much more interesting. That’s why I combined my red little bag with this look. To have another splash of red I decided to go for a red lipstick as well. So what do you think about this outfit and the trend color khaki? I can’t wait to read your opinion about it.
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