Street Style on Weekdays

Street Style on Weekdays on #ootd

EN | Happy Monday everyone! It finally looks like spring is just around the corner and I literately can’t wait! The weather today was so good that I could sit outside without a jacket (and you can’t imagine how much I missed that). Are you also so excited for spring?
The main pieces of this look are actually quite simple. If you’re wearing such simple and casual pieces like a jeans and a grey hoodie it’s always good to upgrade the look with another more interesting piece. That’s why I decided to combine my printed coat (which looks quite formal) and the “NO” bag with the look. I think the bag really adds a fun part to the whole outfit. And I’m obviously wearing my fishnet tights underneath my jeans. I’m so in love with the fishnet trend right now and I haven’t expected that at all. What do you think about the outfit?
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Ruffles and Uneven Hem

Ruffles and Uneven Hem on #ootd #ruffles #unevenhem #trend

EN | Happy Monday Lovelies! I’m so happy that I finally have some time to share a new blogpost with you. I also still have one post left to show you from the MBFWB but you have to wait for that a bit longer. However I have a new outfit post for you today!
The outfit contains probably two of the biggest trends right now: RUFFLES and UNEVEN HEM! Ruffles are definitely a quite feminine trend so I like to dress them a bit down with a basic coat and some straight leg jeans. I also can imagine wearing them with edgy boots and a leather jacket. Bringing contrasts to your outfit is always amazing and make an outfit more interesting. So for example mix this really feminine trend with casual (like in this look) or even some edgy pieces. I also think one the best things about this blouse is that so much is going on with all the ruffles that you don’t really need a lot or even any jewelry to complete the outfit. How do you like the outfit and what do you think about the trends?
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Second Outfit Fashion Week Berlin

Second Look Fashion Week Berlin on #FashionWeek #FWB #MBFWB

EN | Happy Thursday everyone. I hope you all had a nice and productive week. I’m super excited that I can finally show you my second Fashion Week Berlin look and also the pictures from the little shoot with dm Trend IT UP. If you read my last article you’ve already know that these pictures are not taken by one of my blogger friends. They’re taken my Michael Colella (I put you the link to his website below) together with the dm Trend IT UP team at the HashMAG Blogger Lounge. And I’m super happy about how the pictures turned out. What do you think about them?
The second Fashion Week day was filled with shows, so I definitely wanted a more interesting look than for the first fashion week day. As you all know I’m super in love with my faux fur jacket and I actually started to build this outfit around it, because I thought that the jacket is definitely a perfect fashion week piece and also quite warm. I’ve bought the sweater at the H&M Sale a few days before Fashion Week started. And I really love the combination of the color of the jacket and the colors of the sweater. To mix more material into this look I decided to go for my beloved suede leather skirt and also a pair of fishnet tights. Obviously I wore some nude thighs underneath because we had -5°C in Berlin. So how you do you like the outfit? I can’t wait to hear your opinion about it.
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Fashion Week Berlin Diary Part 2

Fashion Week Berlin Diary Part 2 on #mbfwb #fwb

EN | Hey Lovelies und welcome to part 2 of my Fashion Week Berlin Diary. The second Fashion Week day was amazing and so much fun. And it really shows me why I love fashion so much and that I really want to attend more runway shows in the future. But let me tell you everything in more detail:

DE | Hallo ihr Lieben und willkommen zum Part 2 meines Fashion Week Berlin Diary’s. Der zweite Tag auf der Fashion Week war extrem spannend und hat mir nochmal vor Augen geführt wieso ich Mode einfach so sehr liebe und in Zukunft noch zu viel mehr Laufstegshows gehen möchte. Aber lasst mich euch alles mehr im Detail erzählen: 

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First Outfit Fashion Week Berlin

First Outfit Fashion Week Berlin on #ootd #FWB #MBFWB #FashionWeek

EN | Happy Sunday everyone! Before I’m going to show you part 2 of my Fashion Week Diary next week I quickly want to show you my first outfit for the Fashion Week in more detail. For this day at Fashion Week I wanted to stay warm and stylish at the same time. As I’ve already told you in the first part of my Fashion Week Berlin Diary we ‘only’ had a photoshooting and some events at the first day.
By the way these are the results from the photoshooting with Dominic Pascal. For the outfit I decided to go for my jeans with patches and my suede bomber jacket. Really like the combo of both pieces together. And as it was -5°C I combined the jeans with a cozy turtleneck. How do you like the outfit? And how do you like the pictures?
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Fashion Week Berlin Diary Part 1

Fashion Week Berlin Diary Part One on #FWB #MBFWB #FashionWeekBerlin

EN | Hey Lovelies! As you might know I’ve been to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin last week. And it literally was so much fun. I actually don’t want this post to be too long so I decided to split this Fashion Week Diary into two parts. The second part will be online soon as well. But let’s start with Part 1:

DE | Hallo ihr Lieben! Wie ihr sicherlich mitbekommen habt, war ich letzte Woche für zwei Tage auf der Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin. Damit der Post nicht viel zu lang wird, habe ich mich entschieden ihn in zwei Teile aufzuteilen. Heute gibt es Part 1 für euch. In den kommenden Tagen wird dann der zweite Part online kommen, wo ich euch von meinem zweiten und letzten Tag auf der Fashion Week Berlin berichte. Aber lasst uns mit Part 1 beginnen: 

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Street Style on a Winter’s Day

Street Style on a winter's day on http;//

EN | Happy Monday! I’m super busy right now. In the last post I’ve already told you that I’m at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin this week (acutally tomorrow and Wednesyday). And guess who still haven’t packed yet. However before I’m going to pack my suitcase, I really wanted to show you this outfit from yesterday.
The fishnet tights trend is literally everywhere right now. Also it’s so cold right now that it’s a really good idea to wear tights underneath your cut out jeans. That’s why I actually decided to give this trend a go and try it out and I have to say that I freaking love it! So definitley stay tuned for a lot more outfits with fishnet tights. For this outfit I combined my long grey coat with a vintage sweater and a simple pair of cut out jeans. I personally really think that the fishnet tights are an interesting accessory that upgrade a simple outfit and make it more edgy. What do you think about the outfit? And what do you think about the fishnet thights trend?
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Denim on Denim

Denim on Denim on #ootd #denim

EN | Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you all had a great week so far! Mine was actually quite stressfull ’cause my laptop isn’t working yet and I really hope that everything will be fine next week. However speaking of next week. Who knows what’s happening next week?! Right, the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin. I’m still super busy with my thesis but I’m going to the Fashion Week for two days. And you can believe me both days are fully packed with shows, events and partys. And I’m super excited for everything. Who else is in Berlin next week?
The outfit is from Sunday when it was so foggy that you can barely see the background. But I kinda like the effect. For the outfit I decieded to go for a super casual and comfy outfit. I personally really like the denim on denim combo I think it makes the whole look a lot more interesting. What do you think? Also how do you like the outfit?
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Outfit Review 2016


New York Travel Diary - Best places around town on #travel #newyork

EN | Hey Lovelies! I actually wanted to upload this post a lot earlier but my laptop died on Monday. 2016 went by so quickly and so much happend. I still can’t believe that I’ve been to New York. To the city of my dreams. So today I want to share my favorite outfits and my favorite moments of 2016 with you. So let’s go:

DE | Hallo ihr Lieben! Ich wollte diesen Post eigentlich schon viel früher hochladen, doch leider hat mein Laptop am Montag den Geist aufgegeben. Und ich musste erstmal einen zum Übergang besorgen. 2016 ist so schnell vergangen und es ist so viel passiert. Ich kann es beispielsweise immer noch nicht glauben, dass ich dieses Jahr endlich in New York war. In der Stadt von der ich schon gefühlt mein ganzes Leben lang träume. Heute möchte ich euch endlich meine Lieblingsoufit aus dem Jahr 2016 zeigen und auch ein wenig in Erinnerung schwelgen: 

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Suede Bomber Jacket

Suede Bomber Jacket on #ootd #suede

EN | Hey Lovelies! Crazy how fast time is running! This actually will be the last outfit post for this year. Also so much happened this year: my trip to New York, the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin twice this year, my trip to London and so much more. But I’m going to talk about everything in a yearly review with you at the beginning of next year. However I really hope you all had an amazing time with your family and beloved ones over Christmas.
The outfit is based around this amazing suede bomber jacket. But I have to say that the color is (luckily) not as bright as in the pictures. However the jacket is still an eye-catcher in real life. I combined the jacket with a simple turtleneck to stay warm and a causal pair of jeans. The pictures are taken by Mandy from Mandy K. Fotografie. What do you think about the pictures and about the outfit?
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