March Favorites

My March Favorites are now on, see all the things that are on my shopping list right now.

1. *Sunglasses: Net-A-Porter | 2. *Jeans  Shirt: Asos | 3. *Jacket: Asos | 4. *Lipstick: Douglas | 5. *Dress: Jades24 | 6. *Jeans Skirt: Zalando | 7. *Heels: Zalando

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend. I’m still learning all the time, because I have two exams left this semester. That’s also the reason why the update on Instagram (@vogueetvoyage) and also here on the blog isn’t really good. But it’s going back to normal when all my exams are done.
But let’s talk about fashion. I already did the same kind of post in February and decided to share all the pieces that are on my shopping wishlist in March with you again. Some of them are also some major trends this spring and summer season. For example denim, I’m looking right now for the perfect denim skirt and shirt, and bomber jackets, I really love this one in olive. I’m also looking for a basic grey dress for such a long time now and think that this one is great. What is on your shopping wishlist right now? And what do you think about my picks? I can’t wait to hear your opinions.
Another thing I really want to talk about is a little competition on! You can vote for your favorite sneaker look there, and one of the looks is from me. So I would be super happy if you could vote for me if you like my look. I put you the link right here. When you vote for me you also take part in a giveaway, where you can win a 100 € voucher.
I wish you all a wonderful start into the new week. Lots of Love, Jeany.
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