Coachella – Inspiration

Happy Sunday guys! Hope you had a great week! My week was a bit stressful cause university started again. But let’s get to a more interesting topic. COACHELLA! I really like the outfits everyone is wearing there, so 70s inspired. Also it’s on my bucket list for so long now and I hope to go there one day. But for now I’ve looked for my favorite street style looks from Coachella and made a little inspiration post for you.
Enjoy the pictures and let me know whats your favorite outfit! Do you also want to go to Coachella one day or went there before? I’m curios to know! Wish you all a nice and relaxing Sunday. Hugs & Kisses.


All the pictures are from and Click on the pictures to get directly to the articles where they are from! I do not own the rights.

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