Palais Royal – Parisian Style

Palais Royal - Parisian Style on #ootd #paris #parisian

Colonnes de Buren

EN | Happy Sunday and good evening everyone! How was your week/weekend? Mine was really stressful, but also quite good because I managed to see a lot of my friends after work every single day. So as you can see I’m finally managing to balance my internship, my social life and my blog! Please keep your fingers crossed that it stays this way.
Today I can finally show you my second (and also sadly my last) look from my trip to Paris. The pictures were taken at the Palais Royal – Colonnes de Buren. And you can’t believe how hard it was to get some pictures without people in the background! However we kind of managed it. My outfit was really inspired from the city and I tryed to make it look as elegant and as parisian like as possible. Also what do you think about that my pants are matching perfectly to the the background? Little printmix with the location. However I decieded to go for a really simple color combo out of nearly all black and my dark blue pants with white and red stripes. Also how do you like the outfit and the pictures? And what do you imagine with typical parisan style? I can’t wait to hear your opinion in the comments!
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Paris Travel Diary

Paris Travel Diary on #paris #travel

Jardin des Tuileries

Happy Sunday! I’ve visited a really good friend of mine in Lüneburg this weekend and so I totally forget about uploading this post. I’m already one month back from my trip to Paris and still have some content to share with you. So you can obviously see that I’m still struggling to balance work, my social life and my blog. But hey I’m getting better and better, so be patient with me. But enough about my struggles let’s talk about my last travel experience:
Paris, mon amour. It actually was my 4th time in Paris and I’m so fascinated by this amazing city every single time. As I’ve been to Paris quite often already it still amazes me how inspiring the city is. The whole city got it’s only vibe and style. Today I want to share a little Paris Travel Diary with you about my little trip there, with some tips about what to do, where to eat, you know the drill:

Paris Travel Diary on #paris #travel

Things to do (best photo spots):

  • Rooftop terrace at the Galerie Lafayette: Shopping is definitely not the only nice thing you can do at the Galerie Lafayette. You sould definitly check out the rooftop terrace as well. The view is just amazing.
  • Palais Royal (Colonnes de Buren): Such a beautiful location and it’s perfect to take pictures, I promise. And if you don’t believe me, wait for my next outfit post because the pictures where taken there.

  • Pont Alexandre III: Another beautiful photo location is the Pont Alexandre III. I’ve already shown you my first outfit from Paris which we shoot there. And a lot of you already said in the comments of my last post how beautiful the location was. I’ve also seen a lot of young people sitting there (and in general at the Seine) in the evenings. So it’s definitely a nice place to relax.
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Pont Alexandre III

Outfit at the Pont Alexandre III on #ootd #paris

EN | Happy Monday Peeps! First of all, I hope you all had an amazing start into the new month. Mine was actually amazing ’cause I celebrated my 22nd Birthday with my best friends a few days ago and I’ve also finally got a “new” computer. My laptop isn’t working at all anymore and I really think that I have to say goodbye to it right now. So you can’t belive how happy I am that I can finally work on a computer again!
However today I can finally show you my first outfit from Paris. We shoot the picture at one of the most beautiful bridges (if not even the most beautiful one!) in Paris called “Pont Alexandre III”. I’m sure all the Instagram and Blogger girls out there already heard about it. For the outfit I decided to go for some classic pieces: a trench coat, a black jeans and a white basic shirt. I’ve worn my beloved black boots to stay comfy all day (you know the struggle of running around and exploring the city, right?) and also to add an edgy touch to the whole look. Also how do you like my new belt? I’m absolutely in love with it and really think that it adds a uniqe touch to the whole outfit. How do you like the look?
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Paris September – Throwback

on the Eiffel Tower, view over the city

Hey guys, so it’s thursday again and I think why not do another Throwback post. So here we go. I promise that’s the last pictures from Paris, cause I think I post a bit too much about Paris, but hey I’m in love with this City. I’m also planning a vacation. Maybe to Greece or something like that? Not sure right now, but we’ll see cause I need summer vacations so bad.
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CLAUS petit déjeuner – Paris travel guide


Hey guys, so this is my next part of my Paris travel guide or rather one of my MUST-TO-GO-PLACES.
CLAUS Paris l’épicerie du petit-déjeuner. It’s hard to find a good place in paris, where you can enjoy a healthy and delicious breakfast. But CLAUS is definitely one of these places! Last time I went to Paris, I haven’t got the time to go there for breakfast, so I could just enjoy a coffee and a piece of cake there. You have to try the Lemon-Cake, it’s delicious. So this time I make sure to plan enough time to go to CLAUS for breakfast.
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Le jardin des Plantes – Paris travel guide

September 2013

This is actually part two of my Paris travel guide or the MUST-TO-GO-PLACES. Parks are always a must in paris, because I think it’s something special there, you can just sit in all the different parks all over the town and enjoy a coffee or just the wetter.
Le Jardin des Plantes is one of my favorite parks in Paris. It’s not the biggest one, and this is why it has his own charm.
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Marché aux Puces – Paris travel guide

This is part one of my Paris travel guide, and I’m actually not going to mention something like the Louvre or Tour Eiffel. It’s more a list of places you have to see when you come to Paris and not want to do the typically tourist stuff.
So my first hint is the Marché aux Puces de Saint – Quen. This market is definitely a place in Paris you have to go! It’s a must and I think typically Paris. Just being so in love with the atmosphere here. You feel a bit like you go back in time. It’s a place where you can find anything or just looking around. I think it’s a bit like a paradise for vintage lover just because you can get anything thats vintage. Old pictures, postcards, clothes, furniture and so on.
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