MBFW Berlin Diary

MBFW Berlin Diary on www.vogueetvoyage.com #berlin #mbfw #fwb #mbfwb
EN | Happy Monday Lovelies! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I’m pretty sure some of you have seen my Berlin Fashion Week adventure on my Snapchat. You can follow me there if you want to (my username is: jeannee_r). Also I want to share my little MBFW Berlin adventure with you here on my blog. That’s why I have a little MBFW Berlin Diary for you today.
We arrived at Tuesday in Berlin for our first Fashion Week day and went straight off to the FashionBloggerCafé at the Bikini Berlin. It was nice to talk to all the brands that were there, for example Yves Rocher. There was also some nice food and a huge goodie bag. Even though it’s my second time at the MBFWB I’m still impressed about the among of things that are in all the goodie bags. Afterwards the FashionBloggerCafé we need to hurry a bit and get ready for the Lascana Show and After Show Party which was also at the Bikini Berlin. I’m super sorry for the bad pictures from the Lascana Show, but I didn’t want to take my big camera with me. I personally really like the underwear collection that was presented.  The underwear collection was definitely dominated by pastel and lace. However I have to say that the swimwear collection wasn’t totally my thing. Also there were to many people at the Show and just a few seats for the Press and Prominence. So it was not so easy to really see everything of the show. Thankfully their was a nice lady who let me stand in front of her so that I had a good view (short girl problems, you know). The day ended really nice with the Lascana After Show party and a few Cocktails.
Our Wednesday started with a little Shopping trip to the Mall of Berlin (I actually found two amazing pieces at sale) and a dinner at Spreegold. Afterwards we got ready for the HashMAG Blogger Lounge. We got to know some brands like Clockhouse and Kapten&Son better at the event. As you all know I’m a huge fan of Kapten&Son, so it was really interesting to get to know more about the brand. Also we could try out many different flavors of Jelly Belly’s and eat some Ice from Lycka. The HashMAG Blogger Lounge was definitely my favorite event this Fashion Week season and the goodie bag was amazing as well. In the evening we also went to a little Cocktail Event from Hallhuber.
On Thursday we had to go home but before that we also stopped again at the HashMAG Blogger Lounge on our way, because we really wanted to eat the crepes there and meet up with some people we met the day before. All in all we had a really great Berlin Fashion Week. So this was my little Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin Diary. Do you like these kind of Diaries? And have you also been to the MBFWB this season?
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Street Style MBWFB – Day One

Street Style MBWFB - Day One on www.vogueetvoyage.com #MBFWB #Berlin #streetstyle #ootd

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 

EN | Happy Monday! Whoop Whoop, it’s finally time to share my first Fashion Week Look with you! And  also my hair is dark again. As you may have seen on my Instagram (@vogueetvoyage) posts from Berlin I’ve tinted my hair a bit darker just in time for Fashion Week. What do you think about it?
But enough about my hair color, let’s talk about the MBWFB. We traveled to Berlin on Tuesday morning and went directly to the FashionBloggerCafé at the LNFA Concept Store (Bikini Berlin), where I wore this outfit. (I’m going to tell you more about the events in a separate post.) I was really happy about the good weather because I wanted to wear these shorts so badly. I decided to combine them with a red crop top, a vest and white sneaker. Sneaker were definitely the right choice because we were running through Berlin a lot that day. I also decide to go for my white little bag, because these kind of bags are totally en vogue right now and I love them a lot. So what do you think about my first MBFWB Street Style?
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MBFW Berlin Photo Diary

MBFW Berlin Photo Diary on www.vogueetvoyage.com

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend so far. As promised I have a little MBFW Berlin Photo Diary for you today. You may have seen some of the pictures if you’re following me on Instagram (@vogueetvoyage).
After we arrived in Berlin we had some time before we can check into the hotel so we decided to go to the Bikini Berlin to drink a coffee and eat a little bit. The first picture was taken in a cute little café/ restaurant/ concept store called SUPER concept store at the Bikini Berlin. We also shoot the first MBFWB outfit there, which you can see below and also in the second picture.
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MBFW Berlin Second Look

MBFW Berlin Second Look | See more pictures and details about Jeany's second #FashionWeek look on www.vogueetvoyage.com #ootd #poncho #FW #MBFW #FWB
Hey everyone and happy Thursday! As promised I finally share my second fashion week look with you today. This outfit is definitely not as warm as the last one but it’s my favorite. I’m so in love with the turtleneck poncho and I think it looks amazing in combo with the bag. What do you think? I think the bag is the perfect Eye-catcher to make the whole look more interesting. The beautiful Furla bag is borrowed, but I’m really thinking about getting my own one, because they’re so beautiful. I actually can’t believe that this is nearly one week ago, time is running so fast right now. I also plan to share a little Berlin Fashion Week travel diary with you on Sunday. But before that don’t forget to let me know which one of my two Fashion Week looks your favorite one was! I can’t wait to read your comments.
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HashMAG Blogger Lounge

HashMAG Blogger Lounge on www.vogueetvoyage.com
Hey everyone! Today I want to talk to you about an event we went to at Berlin Fashion Week last week.  The HashMAG Blogger Lounge, which was a really great experience. The event was on Wednesday and Thursday, but we decided to go there on Thursday before going home again. We made some funny things there, for example we made a flip-book with Clockhouse, which we also got as a (really) short video that I put below for you. We also could try out lipstick and food and also got to know some brands like Clockhouse, Luilu jewelry and Augenmanufaktur. Do you also went to the MBFW Berlin and maybe also to the HashMAG Blogger Lounge? How do you like it?
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MBFW Berlin First Look

MBFW Berlin First Look | Jeany is wearing a 70s inspired look for her first Berlin FW outfit #MBFW #FWB #FashionWeek Happy Sunday everyone! As maybe already some of you read in my last post or on my Instagram (@vogueetvoyage) I was at the Berlin Fashion Week on Wednesday and Thursday. I went to a few events but I’m going to write a separate article about it soon. But before that I want to show you my first outfit for Berlin Fashion Week. The outfit is a bit 70s inspired and I’m wearing my beloved suede skirt again. I also tried to combine an outfit that’s stylish and warm at the same time, because it was really cold. The pictures were taken at the Bikini Berlin, on the rooftop and also inside. So what do you think about this look?
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