Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide on

1. Watch | 2. Book: How to be Parisian | 3. Urban Decay Naked Smoky Eyeshadow Palette | 4. YSL Lipstick | 5. Table Lamp | 6. Hot Water Bottle | 7. Book Set: Balenziaga, Chloé, Lanvin, Marc Jacobs and Jean Paul Gaultier | 8. Scented candle ‘Baies’ | 9. Black & Gold Headphones | 10. Tom Ford Lipstick | 11. Candleholder | 12. Cup with a golden letter | 13. Book Alexander Mc Queen | 14. Scented Candle | 15. White & Gold Headphones

Good morning Lovelies and happy Wednesday! I actually can’t believe how fast time flies. Christmas Eve is in 15 days. So I decided to make a little Christmas Gift Guide for those of you who are still searching for the perfect gift or maybe just need a little inspiration for their one Christmas Wishlist.
This Gift Guide is mostly based on beauty and also home accessories. I personally think some good books are always a good present. And also as a bigger present a timeless watch that fits perfectly to everything. For the beauty addicted (like me) is lipstick just the perfect gift. And also the Urban Decay Naked Smoky Eyeshadow Palette, that is also on my personal Christmas Wishlist this year. You can also find more inspirations and gift ideas at my shop. I’m also curious to know if you already have all Christmas presents for your beloved ones? And also what is on your Christmas Wishlist this year?
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Streetstyle PFW – Inspiration

Streetstyle PFW - Inspiration on

Good morning! Personally I’m always super excited for Paris FW, because all my favorite shows are there. So I’m curious to know what your favorite show of PFW Ready-To-Wear Spring/Summer ’16 was. Mine were definitely Valentino, Chanel and Elie Saab. I can’t decide which one I like the best. They were all amazing and the collections are breathtaking! I also really loved the setting at the Dior show. But enough about the shows, let’s get back to the original topic of this post: Street Style! So here we go with the last part of my Street Style Inspiration post for this season about my favorite looks from Paris.
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Streetstyle MFW – Inspiration

Streetstyle MFW - Inspiration on
Hey everyone! Today I have another Street Style Fashion Week post for you. This time about my favorite Street Styles from Milan Fashion Week. I really always love the accessories, bags and shoes at MFW, because we all know that the Italians make the best shoes! And I think the pictures speak for themselves. I’m curious to know what your favorite thing about MFW is? Are you also so obsessed with the shoes and bags?
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Streetstyle LFW – Inspiration

Streetstyle LFW - Inspiration on
Hey everyone! London Fashion Week is over and so we’re already halfway through fashion month. That’s why I have my favorite Street Styles from LFW for you today. I have to say that I really loved the Street Styles at LFW from Kristina Bazan and Nina Suess, they both just nailed it! So in love with all of their looks! Let me know what and from whom your favorite Street Style was.
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Coachella – Inspiration

Happy Sunday guys! Hope you had a great week! My week was a bit stressful cause university started again. But let’s get to a more interesting topic. COACHELLA! I really like the outfits everyone is wearing there, so 70s inspired. Also it’s on my bucket list for so long now and I hope to go there one day. But for now I’ve looked for my favorite street style looks from Coachella and made a little inspiration post for you.
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Streetstyle PFW – Inspiration


Hey guys! Today it’s one of those grey and rainy Sundays where you just want to stay in bed all day. And I think those days are perfect to search for new inspiration. So I want to show you my favorite street style looks from Paris Fashion Week! What’s your favorite street style look from Paris? I really love the cool accessories (especially the bags, so creative!) and the amazing prints and cuts of the coats!
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Streetstyle NYFW – Inspiration

Happy Sunday everyone! New York Fashion Week is officially over and I think why not share my favorite streetstyle outfits with you? I think you already know how much I love the streetstyles at Fashion Week. One thing that really got my attention this time are the coats! The prints and colors are simply amazing. Colorful coats are definitely the perfect way to stay warm, comfy and stylish in ONE! So this time the streetstyle at NYFW is the perfect inspiration for a stylish winter outfit.
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Twiggy Inspiration

“There’s no need to dress like everyone else. It’s much more fun
to create your own look.”


Hey everyone! Today I want so share a little inspiration post about the fashion icon Twiggy with you. Most of you definitely know her as one of the first supermodels and fashion icon from the 1960s. And personally I really adore her make-up! Always looks so gorgeous! The text above is my favorite quote from Twiggy. Cause it’s so true, it’s important to create your own style and also so much fun.
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