Port Grimaud

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EN | Autumn definitely already started in Germany a few weeks ago. But I’ve still tones of pictures from our road trip that I wanna share with you. So be prepared for some summer vibes here over the next week.
The first ones are some outfit pictures from Port Grimaud. Port Grimaud is a cute little port/village. There is a really touristic site on one part of the port and the other site is completely quite. As I’m personally not the biggest fan of these typical touristic places I liked the quite part of the port a lot more! So if you’re going there I would highly recommend you to visited the not so touristic part of the village.
Before going there, I’ve already seen some pictures on Instagram with all the colorful houses there, so I wanted to wear something colorful as well. Therefore I decided to combine a simple striped blouse and my cute printed shorts. The outfit might seem simple but the print mix definitely make it more interesting. What do you think and how do you like this outfit?
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Summer Days

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EN | Happy Monday everyone! It definitely fells like decades since my last post here on the blog. The last one was actually nearly a month ago. Due to the last weeks of my internship, my vacation and also the start of my master studies I had a lot to do and to organize. However I haven’t forgotten you guys and I have a lot of content to share with you, so be ready!
As you may know I’m a big fan of denim on denim looks. And the moment I saw this denim shirt online I knew that I’m going to wear it a lot with other denim pieces. The weather was still really good when we took these pictures so I decided to combine the denim pieces with some colorful shorts and a simple white bag. How do you like this look?
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Casual Streetstyle

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Comfy Trousers and Off The Shoulder Vibes

EN | Bonn. End of August, when the weather was still quite good and not as freezing as it is right now. So you can obviously tell that I was quite busy the last few weeks, however I still wanted to share this late summer look with you.
Last weekend I’ve been to the Lollapalooza Festival in Berlin, I actually wanted to share this outfit right after the festival weekend. But after beeing there I needed some time to get back into my normal day to day routine. But now I finally have the feeling to be back in my everyday life, I still have some festival vibes going on, but also getting stuff from my to-do list done.
As I already told you the outfit pictures were taken when I was in Bonn visiting some of my blogger friends. And as the weather was quite nice, still a bit chilly but also a nice late summer day, I decided to go for some comfy trousers and an off the shoulder blouse. How do you like the outfit? And also what do you think about wearing a simple blouse as an off shoulder piece?
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Monthly Review - August '17 on http://vogueetvoyage.com

EN | And again another month just gone by. It literally fells like I’m moaning about how fast the time is running every single month. Haha, so sorry about that! But please tell me that I’m not the only one complaining about that. At the moment I’m working a lot again and it’s also quite stressful at work (yep, still doing an internship). So that’s actually also the reason why this monthly review is a bit late. However I really like to share these kind of posts with you, don’t get me wrong sharing my outfits is still my favorite thing but it’s nice to get a bit more personal and tell you a bit more about the person behind this blog. And it’s also an amazing way to get to know you a bit more! So don’t forget to let me know what you’ve been up to in August!

DE | Und schon wieder ist ein Monat vorbei. Gefühlt ‘beschwere’ ich mich jeden Monat darüber wie schnell die Zeit im Moment rennt! Aber habt ihr auch das Gefühl, dass das Jahr doch gerade erst begonnen hat? Im Moment hat mich auch wieder einmal der Arbeitsalltag eingeholt und ich komme total k.o. nach Hause, daher kommt meine kleine Monatsreview auch ein bisschen später als sonst online. Dennoch macht es mir enorm viel Spaß diese Art von Posts mit euch zu teilen, versteht mich nicht falsch, meine Outfits mit euch zu teilen macht mir immer noch am aller meisten Spaß, aber es ist auch wirklich ganz nett ein bisschen ‘persönlichere’ Dinge mich euch zu teilen! So kann ich euch auch immer ein bisschen mehr über die Person hinter diesem Blog erzählen. Und es ist auch ein toller Weg für mich, um ein bisschen mehr über euch zu erfahren! Also vergesst nicht mir zu erzählen, was bei euch so alles im August los war! 
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August Favorites

1.*Mom Jeans: Edited | 2.*Sweater: Edited | 3.*Coat: Edited | 4.*Dress: Mango (via Zalando) | 5.*Shirt: Missguided (via Zalando) | 6.*Bag: New Look (via Asos) | 7.*Sunglasses: Vogue Eyewear (via Zalando)

EN | August is transition time. It’s getting colder but there are still some hot summer days left. It’s also the time of the year where you can start buying all the amazing fall/winter pieces. However that’s why I already have some pieces for the colder seasons on my shopping list but also still some summer stuff.
As you can see a lot of pieces contains the geometrical shape of a circle. The belt on the coat, the shape of the bag also reminds of a half circle and if this isn’t enough there is also a shirt with a polka dot print on my shopping list. Accessories with geometrical shapes are en vogue this fall/winter season. The geometrical trend especially the circle was definitely a little inspiration for my shopping list right now. I also have to say that I really love the geometrical trend. You can also see that the colors of the clothes are definitely more typical for the colder seasons: rose, blue and beige. I also have to admit that I’m really excited for fall, it’s definitely my favorite season when it comes to fashion!
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Stripes and Ruffles

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EN | Hello everyone and happy Wednesday! I’m actually ill again and so I had to stay home since Monday. However this time at home was much needed to think about some new ideas when it comes to the design of my blogposts. I wasn’t happy about just posting the pictures, I actually wanted to make them a bit more special and unique. And this post is the result of what I came up with. How do you like it and what do you think about the pictures?


The weather wasn’t the best  at the day we took these pictures. It actually was quite cold, so I would say it was a typical late summer day. As we took the pictures on Sunday and Sundays are made for relaxing I definitely wanted to wear a pair of comfy trousers. You definitely need to know that I normally start my outfit with one certain piece I want to wear that day and build the whole look around it.
And on this day my striped trousers were this certain piece. As they’re quite casual I combined them with my beloved ruffled blouse. If you ask me, my ruffled blouse is the perfect elegant blouse. It has a hight neck and it looks unique and interesting because of the ruffles. The trench coat is one of my favorite pieces at the moment and it also fits perfectly to a casual and elegant look. So it’s no big surprise that it fits quite well to this outfit as well. When it comes to light outfits I like to add some darker details for a little contrast. Contrasts definitely make an outfit more interesting. So how do you like this look?
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Summer Evenings

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EN | Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and a great start into the new week! My day was actually quite stressful, because I had so much to do after work and I’m still not done yet. I’m going to the gym in a bit. I’m actually trying out some virtual fitness classes at McFit. Does anyone of you already done them? And if yes, what do you think about them?
The pictures of todays post are already from last week, actually from the only real summer day last week. I’m normally working until the afternoon, so we decided to try to shoot some pictures at the sunset. And I have to admit that I thought that it’s going to be a lot easier to get some good pictures! Sometimes the light was perfect, then it was to dark and so one. Hahaha, however you can see the results right now so I’m curious to know what you think about them! And also if you have some tips and tricks for taking pictures at the sunset definitely let me know! The outfit is definitely a quite relaxed summer look. I found the dress at the Mango Sale and I think it’s perfect for summer season. However I also got these amazing earings. I mean aren’t they perfect?! To get the relaxed look I combined the dress with some “elegant” sandals. What do you think about the outfit?
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Monthly Review - July '17 on http://vogueetvoyage.com #ootd

EN | Hey everyone! It’s already August, am I the only one how thinks that the time is running super fast this year? But a new month also means that it’s time for another review post.  So let’s go: I finally managed to book some holidays for the end of September! Whoop Whoop! In July, I was basically working all the time, so I’m actually even more excited to travel to Bonn at the end of August to visit some friends. And the beginning of September I’m going to be in Berlin at the Lollapalooza festival. So there is quite some suff happening before I’m going to start with my master degree in the beginning of October.

DE | Hallo meine Lieben! Der Monat ist schon wieder so schnell vergangen und somit ist es auch wieder an der Zeit für einen neuen Review Post. Bin ich die Einzige die das Gefühl hat, das dieses Jahr nur so verfliegt? Aber ich habe es im Juli endlich geschafft Urlaub für Ende September zu buchen und ihr könnt euch gar nicht vorstellen wie sehr ich mich darauf freue! Im Moment habe ich wirklich extrem Fernweh. Da ich im Juli eigentlich die ganze Zeit zu Hause war und gearbeitet habe, freue ich mich umso mehr im August ein Wochenende lang nach Bonn zu fahren um Freunde zu besuchen. Anfang September geht es dann auch erstmal noch aufs Lollapalooza nach Berlin. Es ist also noch einiges geplant bevor ich anfange meinen Master zu machen. Ich habe mich im Juli nämlich auch endlich dazu entschieden weiterzustudieren und bin dann ab Oktober wieder offiziell Studentin.
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Tropical Shirts and Denim Skirts

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EN | Good evening! I hope you all had a lovely week. The weather in Germany right now and also the whole past week felt more like autumn than summer. It literally was raining non-stop for two days. However I think it’s good that I can show you some summery outfit pictures and maybe the summer will be back in Germany soon. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Where are you guys from? I would really love to know that!
You know that I’m not the biggest fan of bright colors, I mainly wear black, white and denim blue. However a good print mix and some bright colors are sometimes needed. For this outfit I grabbed an old shirt with a palm tree print and started to build the whole outfit around it. Because I really like to combine different shades of blue I decided to go for my denim skirt. The trench coat is the perfect way to add a light color to the look and the sunnies, well I think they’re just freaking cool and are also matching with the shirt. So what do you think about the outfit and especially how do you like the blue and yellow color combo?
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Uneven Hem and Black Shirts

Uneven Hem and Black Shirts on www.vogueetvoyage.com #ootd

EN | Happy Wednesday everyone! How amazing was the weather today? But I actually couldn’t enjoy it at its fullest because I still have a cold. However I’m feeling so much better than yesterday and so I decided to spend some time in front of the computer and write this post for you! Also I couldn’t wait to show you these pictures because I’m so happy about how they turned out. I really like the location and the whole vibe of the pictures! Also you probably can tell that my outfit fits perfectly to the background (really loving this location-outfit-matching kind of thing!), which actually is quite cool! How do you like the pictures?
The outfit is quite simple this time. I’m really loving minimalistic styles at the moment. I think you just can’t go wrong with a simple pair of jeans and a black shirt. Perfect basic combo if you ask me. What do you think? And it’s even better if the basic pieces are having some more interesting details like in this look, the uneven hem and the ruffles. I think they add such a cute touch to the outfit. And definitely let me know how do you like this look? I can’t wait to hear your opinion about it.
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