October Favorites

*T-Shirt: Asos | *Sunglasses: NA-KD | *Blue Stripped Shirt: Urban Outfitters | *Stripped Shirt: Next (via Otto) | *Bag: L.Credi (via Zalando) | *Coat: NA-KD | *Scarf: NA-KD | *Baseball Cap: NA-KD | *Red Sweater: Mango (via Zalando) | *Denim Skirt: NA-KD | *Overknees: Steve Madden (via Zalando) | *Blazer: NA-KD

EN | It’s slowly getting colder and winter is coming closer and closer. So it’s time to start shopping for some late fall and also some winter pieces. On top of my list are some black overknees. I’m looking for a pair for a few years now but didn’t managed to find the perfect ones yet. Also I’m totally loving dark red at the moment. I think it’s the perfect fall/winter color, so it’s no surprise that I started to wear dark red nail polish again and I’m also started to wear some dark lipstick as well. What’s your favorite color to wear for fall/winter? There are also some funnier/colorful stripy pieces on my list. Stripes are definitely a basic print everybody needs in their wardrobe if you ask me. And it’s also nice to have some more colorful (stripy) pieces to add an eye-catching piece to a basic/casual look. So how do you like my picks and what’s on your shopping list at the moment?
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August Favorites

1.*Mom Jeans: Edited | 2.*Sweater: Edited | 3.*Coat: Edited | 4.*Dress: Mango (via Zalando) | 5.*Shirt: Missguided (via Zalando) | 6.*Bag: New Look (via Asos) | 7.*Sunglasses: Vogue Eyewear (via Zalando)

EN | August is transition time. It’s getting colder but there are still some hot summer days left. It’s also the time of the year where you can start buying all the amazing fall/winter pieces. However that’s why I already have some pieces for the colder seasons on my shopping list but also still some summer stuff.
As you can see a lot of pieces contains the geometrical shape of a circle. The belt on the coat, the shape of the bag also reminds of a half circle and if this isn’t enough there is also a shirt with a polka dot print on my shopping list. Accessories with geometrical shapes are en vogue this fall/winter season. The geometrical trend especially the circle was definitely a little inspiration for my shopping list right now. I also have to say that I really love the geometrical trend. You can also see that the colors of the clothes are definitely more typical for the colder seasons: rose, blue and beige. I also have to admit that I’m really excited for fall, it’s definitely my favorite season when it comes to fashion!
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July Favorites

1.*Sunglasses: Asos | 2.*Top: Edited | 3.*Dark Denim Jacket: Topshop (via Zalando) | 4.*Bag: Trussardi Jeans (via Zalando) | 5.*Earrings: Justine Clenquet (via Styleserver) | 6.*Denim Shorts: Topshop (via Zalando) | 7.*Mules: Buffalo (via Zalando) | 8.*Mom Jeans: Lee (via Zalando) | 9.*Dress: Urban Outfitters

EN | Happy Saturday lovelies! Long time no real “What’s on my shopping list” kind of post! I personally really love reading them and get inspired by what’s on the shopping list of the others. So I decided to start sharing this with you as well again. I’ve actually showed you a few pieces I have an eye on in my June review. However as there are so many more amazing pieces (and some of them are even on Sale!!!) right now this post was definitely needed!
I’ve seen a lot of fashion girls wearing some sunglasses with yellow glasses and freaking love the vibe of it. However the moment I saw the ones from Asos I totally fell in love and ordered them straight away. They already arrived a few days ago and I can tell you they’re the perfect fashion statement if you need to add a little special something to your outfit. Also on my list is a dark denim jacket. I think you all know how obsessed I’m with my denim jacket. And as I think a denim jacket is the perfect basic piece for nearly every season, why not get it in another color? Another thing to make a kind of a fashion statement is jewelry. And big earrings are definitely a thing right now. So it should be now surprise that there are some big earrings on my list as well.
Also don’t forget to let me know what’s on your shopping list this month. I can’t wait to see everything!
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Black Friday Sale Codes 2016

Black Friday Sale Codes on www.vogueetvoyage.com #blackfriday EN | Happy Black Friday and good morning! As today is Black Friday I want to share all the amazing sale codes with you. Some of them are actually from my favorite shops including Zara, Topshop and Asos. I’ve also linked you my personal favorite products below. Happy shopping and good luck for getting the best bargain:

DE | Hallo ihr Lieben und Guten Morgen! Heute möchte ich mit euch ein paar Rabattcodes für den Black Friday teilen. Unteranderem sind einige meiner persönlichen Lieblingsshops wie Zara, Topshop und Asos mit dabei. Ich habe euch außerdem unten meine Lieblingsteile aus den Onlineshops rausgesucht. Also viel Spaß beim Shoppen und Schnäppchen ergattern:
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5 Fashion Essentials for the Winter Season

5 Fashion Essentials for Winter Season on www.vogueetvoyage.com

1.*Scarf: Edited | 2.*Coat: Only (via Zalando) | 3.*Knit: Edited | 4.*Skirt: Vero Moda (via AboutYou) | 5.*Boots: Miss Selfridge (via Zalando)

EN | Good morning everyone! Instead of a what’s on my shopping list this month kind of post I decided that share my ultimate winter fashion essentials with you today. I’m talking about my top 5 essentials and also linked you my favorites underneath so you can directly shop them if you want to. Also all essentials are not trend piece of something like that. They’re staples that are good for every winter season.

DE | Guten Morgen ihr Lieben! Anstatt euch heute meine “November Favorites” bzw. die Dinge die sich derzeit auf meiner Shoppingliste befinden zu zeigen habe ich mich dazu entscheiden euch heute meine absoluten Winter Fashion Essentials vorzustellen. Ich werde euch meine ultimativen 5 Essentials zeigen und habe euch außerdem meine Lieblinge unten verlinkt damit ihr sie direkt shoppen könnt, wenn ihr wollt. Außerdem sind alle Essentials keine Trendteile sondern tolle Basics, die man wirklich jeden Winter tragen kann. 

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October Favorites

October Favorites on www.vogueetvoyage.com #shopping #fall #style #fashion

1.*Lipstick: MAC (Burnt Violet via Douglas) | 2.*Scarf: Filippa K (via Zalando) | 3.*Leather Skirt: Asos | 4.*Bag: Love Moschino (via Zalando) | 5.*Coat: Edited  | 6. Jeans: Topshop | 7. *Boots: KG by Kurt Geigner (via About You)

EN | Happy Monday! Dark Lips are a must when it comes to fall season if you ask me. I’m actually so in love with all kind of berry colors and especially with the one from MAC called ‘Burnt Violet’. Also a scarf is another must when the weather gets colder and the color of this one really fits perfectly to everything.  Also how beautiful is this coat from Edited? The Topshop jeans with the patches is already on it’s way to me and I can’t wait to style it! Patches on all kind of denim pieces are totally en vogue right now and I personally love it! I think it adds a more interesting and a bit edgy touch to every outfit! What do you think about it? I also see eye-catching boots in interesting colors or with prints everywhere at the moment and I love the one from KG by Kurt Geigner a lot. I just think the color is insane!
I’ve also updated my shop if you want to check out more of my current fall favorites or are still looking for the perfect fall pieces for your wardrobe. And don’t forget to let me know what’s on your shopping list this month and what your favorite piece of mine is!
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September Favorites

September Favorites on www.vogueetvoyage.com #shopping #autumn #fall

1.* Sweater: Asos | 2.* Dress: VILA (via Zalando) | 3.* Blouse: Boden | 4.* Bag: Coccinelle (via Zalando) | 5.* Skirt: Topshop (via Zalando) | 6.* Boots: Steve Madden (via LuisaViaRoma)

EN | Happy Wednesday! After a long time I finally have a favorites post or “Whats on my Shopping Wishlist” post for you. It’s obviously getting colder outside and summer is over.  So it’s time to get ready for fall and I personally freaking love fall when it comes to fashion. I really love the dark colors, especially burgundy. For me it’s the ultimate fall color, and it looks amazing on your clothes and also on your lips.
That’s why two pieces in burgundy are on my favorites list right now. Also it’s time for all the cozy sweaters again. I really love the rose one from Asos, it looks so cozy and comfy. Also boots are a must in fall season and I’m totally in love with these velvet ones from Steve Madden. Velvet is also totally en vogue right now. Personally I’m not the biggest fan of wearing velvet clothes but on shoes or bags it’s gorgeous. So what’s your favorite on my September Favorites List? And what are you most excited for when it comes to fall season? I can’t wait to read your comments.
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July Favorites

July Favorites on www.vogueetvoyage.com

1.* Bikini Top: Missguided | 2.* Bikini Bottom: Missguided | 3.* Sunglasses: Asos (Quay Australia) | 4.* White Dress: Asos | 5. * Straw Hat: Asos | 6. Bikini Top: H&M | 7. Bikini Bottom: H&M | 8.* Lace Dress: Zalando

EN | Happy Monday Lovelies! The summer is officially here in Germany and it’s so freaking hot. So I think it’s the perfect time to share my July Favorites aka my Summer Shopping Wishlist with you. Bikinis are a absolut must in summer! The first one is with this lovely print and I can’t wait to wear it when it’s going to arrive this week (keep your fingers crossed that it fits perfectly). I already own the other bikini, but I want to share it with you anyway because I see this kind of style everywhere and on a much more pricy site. So H&M is an amazing tip to find this style of Bikini if you ask me and it’s also available in other colors. White dresses are also a must for summer season if you ask me and those two are absolutely gorgeous! Also a pair of sunglasses are important as well and I really love these mirrored ones. Last but not least is a straw at with a cute sentence on it on my Wishlist. What is on your Wishlist for this month and what are your absolut summer must haves?
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June Favorites

June Favorites on www.vogueetvoyage.com #shopping #spring #summer

1.*Sunglasses: Asos | 2. Top: H&M | 3.*Book: Asos | 4.*Bikini: Asos | 5.*Leather Jacket: Zalando | 6.*Shorts: About You | 7.*Sandals: Zalando | 8.*Bag: Zalando

Happy Friday everyone! Today I want to share my shopping favorites for this month with you. I already own the H&M crop top in 3 colors and I wear all of them so often that it’s time to get another one. For me it’s really one of the best pieces for summer. This time is also a book on my shopping wish list. I think summer season is perfect for reading, especially if you’re lying the in the sun while reading an interesting book. I’m personally also super in love with the details of the bikini, I mean how gorgeous is it? It’s maybe not the perfect one for tanning, but it’s so beautiful. I’ve also updated my shop, so you should definitely take a look there for more summer clothes and pieces. What is on your shopping list for this month? And I’m also curious to know if some of you read the book and if you liked it! I would love to hear your opinion about it.  Continue reading

May Favorites

May Favorites on www.vogueetvoyage.com #shopping #favorites #summer

1.*Straw Hat: Asos | 2.*Bikini: Farfetch | 3. Bag: Zara | 4.*Black Dress: Asos | 5.*Sandals: Net-A-Porter | 6. Fringe Bag: Zara | 7.*Blouse: SheIn | 8. Black Sandals: Zara

Happy Friday everyone! Sometimes I can’t believe how fast the time is running right now. We’re already half through may. So it’s time to share my shopping cravings of this month with you. I already ordered the black sandals and the red bag from Zara. I’m also super in love with the straw hat, I mean how lovely is it? Also one of the things that’s on my shopping list are off-shoulder pieces. The blouse from SheIn (7.) combines two trends (Bell Sleeves and Off-Shoulder) in one piece which is amazing if you ask me. What is on your shopping list this month and what’s your favorite from my list?
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