Palais Royal – Parisian Style

Palais Royal - Parisian Style on #ootd #paris #parisian

Colonnes de Buren

EN | Happy Sunday and good evening everyone! How was your week/weekend? Mine was really stressful, but also quite good because I managed to see a lot of my friends after work every single day. So as you can see I’m finally managing to balance my internship, my social life and my blog! Please keep your fingers crossed that it stays this way.
Today I can finally show you my second (and also sadly my last) look from my trip to Paris. The pictures were taken at the Palais Royal – Colonnes de Buren. And you can’t believe how hard it was to get some pictures without people in the background! However we kind of managed it. My outfit was really inspired from the city and I tryed to make it look as elegant and as parisian like as possible. Also what do you think about that my pants are matching perfectly to the the background? Little printmix with the location. However I decieded to go for a really simple color combo out of nearly all black and my dark blue pants with white and red stripes. Also how do you like the outfit and the pictures? And what do you imagine with typical parisan style? I can’t wait to hear your opinion in the comments!
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Pont Alexandre III

Outfit at the Pont Alexandre III on #ootd #paris

EN | Happy Monday Peeps! First of all, I hope you all had an amazing start into the new month. Mine was actually amazing ’cause I celebrated my 22nd Birthday with my best friends a few days ago and I’ve also finally got a “new” computer. My laptop isn’t working at all anymore and I really think that I have to say goodbye to it right now. So you can’t belive how happy I am that I can finally work on a computer again!
However today I can finally show you my first outfit from Paris. We shoot the picture at one of the most beautiful bridges (if not even the most beautiful one!) in Paris called “Pont Alexandre III”. I’m sure all the Instagram and Blogger girls out there already heard about it. For the outfit I decided to go for some classic pieces: a trench coat, a black jeans and a white basic shirt. I’ve worn my beloved black boots to stay comfy all day (you know the struggle of running around and exploring the city, right?) and also to add an edgy touch to the whole look. Also how do you like my new belt? I’m absolutely in love with it and really think that it adds a uniqe touch to the whole outfit. How do you like the look?
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Denim and Ruffles

Denim and Ruffles on #ootd #denim #ruffles

EN | Hey Lovelies! I know, I know, my last blogpost was quite a while ago. I’m doing a full-time internship right now and it’s quite hard to find some time for blogging between working and having a social life. However today I’ve finally some time to sit down and write a new post. And I have to say that I really missed it! So I would be so thankful if you have some tips for me on how to balance work, a social life and blogging on a regular basis. Because I’m obviously struggling a lot right now. If you may have written a blogpost about it or have some tips in general, I would be so thankful if you can link or write them in the comment section below.
Also as I told you in my last blogpost, I was in Paris in the middle of May and I still have so many content left to show you. If you follow me on Instagram (@vogueetvoyage) you’ve definitely seen some pictures. But I can’t wait to share my outfits from Paris and a little travel diary here on the blog with you.
However, before I start sharing all my Paris content with you here, I wanted to show you this outfit I shoot a few weeks ago. The outfit is a quite simple combo of the suede skirt, an elegant blouse and my beloved denim jacket. Nothing too fancy, but I’m really into these simple outfit combos right now. How do you like the outfit?
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Casual in Black and Denim

Casual in Black and Denim on #ootd #black #denim

EN | Hey Lovelies and happy Sunday. I actually still can’t believe that I’m finally back in Paris this time next week. Have you been to Paris? And how do you like the city? I’ve already been there three times and I think Paris is one of the most beautiful city’s I’ve been to.
Today I have a casual look for you. As you may have noticed I really love denim and I think I haven’t uploaded an outfit that doesn’t include denim in a long time. So it should be no surprise that I’m wearing a pair of comfy and straight leg jeans for this look. Also I’m really obsessed with classic blue denim, which might have something to do with my favorite color blue. What’s your favorite color? However I combined my comfy jeans with a basic tee and my beloved black leather jacket. How do you like this casual outfit combo?
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Grey Dress and Denim Love

Grey Dress and Denim Love on #levis #ootd #denim

EN | Happy Monday Peeps! I hope you all had a great start into the new week. Today I actually don’t want to talk just about a new outfit. I’ve also want to tell you a bit more about a super cute portable charger and a new series on Netflix.
The pictures for the outfit are actually taken a week ago when the weather was still a lot better. Right now it feels a bit like winter is back but I think that the weather here in Germany will be a lot better soon. However that day the sun was so warm that I could finally where a casual spring dress (with some tights) without freezing. To stay a bit warmer I decided to wear a cozy denim jacket and some sneakers for a casual look. I’ve also worn red lipstick to match the bag strap. So how do you like my casual outfit combo?

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I’m back

I'm back on #ootd #denimjacket

EN | Happy Wednesday lovelies! I’m finally done with writing my bachelor thesis. Whoop whoop! And you can’t believe what an amazing feeling that is. Also one big plus about it (besides getting my bachelor degree really soon) is that I have finally some time again to blog more often. Furthermore I booked a little getaway to Paris in the middle of May. So if you have some tips what I definitely have to see/visit (please no typical touristic stuff because I’ve already been to Paris three times) tell me in the comments down below.
I’ve already talked about how much I love to combine my denim jacket with a pair of jeans in my last post so I think I don’t have to mentioned that again. This time I combined the jacket with a simple pair of black jeans and with a basic mint green tee to match the beautiful bag. Btw. the bag is just borrowed so sadly it’s not my own but I think it fits perfectly to the whole outfit. How do you like the look?
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Denim and Patches

Denim and Patches on #denim #ootd #patches #trends

EN | Hey Lovelies! I hope you all had a great week. I’m still super busy with writing my bachelor thesis.  But I don’t want to talk to much about it here on my blog. However I would love to know what you’re doing? So what are you guys up to?
Todays outfit is all about denim. Who else loves denim? As it’s slowly getting warmer outside I can finally wear my denim jacket again. And I really hope that spring is here for real this time. I can’t wait to start wearing all my spring clothes again. I personally really like the combo of denim on denim. That’s actually the reason why I love to combine a jeans with the denim jacket. This time I decided to go for my fun pair of jeans with all the patches. To keep the rest of the look simple and also a bit sporty I decided to wear a basic white t-shirt and some white sneakers. How do you like the outfit? And what do you think about the denim on denim combo?
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Blush Pink and Fishnet

Blush Pink and Fishnet on #ootd #fishnet #trends

EN | Happy Friday! I actually can’t believe that this is my first post in March. Time is literally running right now and I spent nearly all my time working on my bachelor thesis. I can’t wait to be finally done with the thesis that I can focus more on my blog again. So around the 10th of April everything should be back to normal on my blog and you can find new post regularly here again. Also I’m super sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, I don’t really know whats wrong with my camera at the moment. The auto focus isn’t working at all when I take full body shoots.
However the quality of the pictures isn’t the best I decided to show you the outfit anyways. This outfit is definitely based around different shades of blush pink. Btw. pink is definitely one of the trend colors right now! As pink is a really girly color I wanted to mix it with some more edgy pieces like this black leather skirt and the fishnet tights. What do you think about this outfit and about the combo of edgy and more girly pieces?
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Street Style on Weekdays

Street Style on Weekdays on #ootd

EN | Happy Monday everyone! It finally looks like spring is just around the corner and I literately can’t wait! The weather today was so good that I could sit outside without a jacket (and you can’t imagine how much I missed that). Are you also so excited for spring?
The main pieces of this look are actually quite simple. If you’re wearing such simple and casual pieces like a jeans and a grey hoodie it’s always good to upgrade the look with another more interesting piece. That’s why I decided to combine my printed coat (which looks quite formal) and the “NO” bag with the look. I think the bag really adds a fun part to the whole outfit. And I’m obviously wearing my fishnet tights underneath my jeans. I’m so in love with the fishnet trend right now and I haven’t expected that at all. What do you think about the outfit?
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Ruffles and Uneven Hem

Ruffles and Uneven Hem on #ootd #ruffles #unevenhem #trend

EN | Happy Monday Lovelies! I’m so happy that I finally have some time to share a new blogpost with you. I also still have one post left to show you from the MBFWB but you have to wait for that a bit longer. However I have a new outfit post for you today!
The outfit contains probably two of the biggest trends right now: RUFFLES and UNEVEN HEM! Ruffles are definitely a quite feminine trend so I like to dress them a bit down with a basic coat and some straight leg jeans. I also can imagine wearing them with edgy boots and a leather jacket. Bringing contrasts to your outfit is always amazing and make an outfit more interesting. So for example mix this really feminine trend with casual (like in this look) or even some edgy pieces. I also think one the best things about this blouse is that so much is going on with all the ruffles that you don’t really need a lot or even any jewelry to complete the outfit. How do you like the outfit and what do you think about the trends?
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