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Trenchcoats and Turtlenecks for Fall/Winter

EN | Those of you who are reading my blog for quite a while now will probably know how obsessed I’m with turtlenecks when it comes to fall/winter season. I literally live in them. Little fun fact: Most of the sweaters I own are turtlenecks. So for this outfit I decided to go for a camel colored one to match my scarf. Also as it was a lot warmer than it is now I paired the look with my trench coat. I mean I basically lived in my trench coat during fall, I think it’s such a perfect basic piece. However the real highlight to this look are the boots for me. I’ve been looking for a similar pair for quite a while and found these ones at Zara. I mean aren’t they the perfect piece to add a edgy touch to your outfit? And how do you like this…

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Shades of Blue

Shades of Blue on #ootd #blue

EN | Blue is not only a color I wear nearly all the time, it’s also my favorite one! You can literally call it my personal happy color. What is your favorite color to wear? If I’m not wearing blue it’s have to be black. One of both colors is always included in all my outfits. So guess which two colors are included in this look?! Black and Blue, you guessed it right. Blue definitely plays the bigger part in this outfit however I love to mix all blue looks with black accessories.
I found this gorgeous blouse in Milan at the beginning of October. Classic blouses are amazing staple piece to have in your wardrobe. However this blouse is definitely a little bit more of an eye-catcher because of the velvet details and also because of the pearls at the end of the sleeves. Also I love how it already combines different shades of blue. As I wanted to go for an all blue everything look I decided to combine the blouse with a simple pair of straight leg jeans. So how do you like this look?
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Monthly Review - October '17 on

EN | It actually feels like 2018 is nearly here. But today I want to share with you all the great things I’ve done in October. Who else can’t believe that it’s already November?! I’ve been in Milan, Nice and Cannes, Berlin as well and have been to university nearly the rest of the time last month.

DE | Gefühlt haben wir fast 2018. Dennoch möchte ich heute mit euch in die Vergangenheit blicken und meine kleine Monthly Review von Oktober mit euch teilen. Wer kann es auch kaum glauben, dass wir schon November haben?! Letzten Monat war ich in Mailand, Nizza und Cannes, und auch mal wieder in Berlin. Den restlichen Monat habe ich dann aber mit lernen und mit in der Uni sein verbracht.

Where at?

EN | October started quite amazing with the second part of our little the roadtrip. On the first of October we ate breakfast in Cannes, checked out of our hotel room and walked a little bit trough the town and went a last time to the beach before we drive to Nice. After eating lunch in Nice and visiting the old town we drove straight to Milan where we stayed the night. The next day was all about exploring Milan and to go shopping. Little fun fact, at Zara an old lady asked me for the way ’cause she thought that I was working there. Haha and guess what, that literally happens to me everywhere I go on vacation. However it was also our last day on vacation so it was time to drive back home. Also there’s going a little travel diary online next week. So stay tuned for that!
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Orange and Red for Fall

Orange and Red for Fall on #ootd #fall #orange #red

EN | One of the main color trends this season is definitely the color red. Every street style star, blogger and so on is rocking the trend in all kind of ways. But I mainly see outfits where red is in the focus. However the color can also work perfectly in combination with orange. Orange and Red are an amazing and eye-catching color combo especially for fall.
All the leaves are turning into the most amazing color combinations and there’s nothing more amazing than walking true the colorful woods on a sunny fall day. Besides all the different shades of brown there are also some red, orange and yellow leaves. So you can probably tell where the inspiration for this look and especially for the red/orange color combo came from. If red and orange are looking amazing together in the nature why not transform this to our wardrobes?
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October Favorites

*T-Shirt: Asos | *Sunglasses: NA-KD | *Blue Stripped Shirt: Urban Outfitters | *Stripped Shirt: Next (via Otto) | *Bag: L.Credi (via Zalando) | *Coat: NA-KD | *Scarf: NA-KD | *Baseball Cap: NA-KD | *Red Sweater: Mango (via Zalando) | *Denim Skirt: NA-KD | *Overknees: Steve Madden (via Zalando) | *Blazer: NA-KD

EN | It’s slowly getting colder and winter is coming closer and closer. So it’s time to start shopping for some late fall and also some winter pieces. On top of my list are some black overknees. I’m looking for a pair for a few years now but didn’t managed to find the perfect ones yet. Also I’m totally loving dark red at the moment. I think it’s the perfect fall/winter color, so it’s no surprise that I started to wear dark red nail polish again and I’m also started to wear some dark lipstick as well. What’s your favorite color to wear for fall/winter? There are also some funnier/colorful stripy pieces on my list. Stripes are definitely a basic print everybody needs in their wardrobe if you ask me. And it’s also nice to have some more colorful (stripy) pieces to add an eye-catching piece to a basic/casual look. So how do you like my picks and what’s on your shopping list at the moment?
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