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The glen check trend and 3 new year’s resolutions

Happy 2018! It was really quite here on the blog for the past month. Which had manly something to do with university, especially all the exams and also holiday season. However I’m back and I’m going to stay! As this is my first post this year I’m not only going to share a new outfit with you but also three of my new years resolutions.

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Sparkly Sweater and the Vinyl Trend

Sparkly Sweater and the Vinyl Trend on #ootd #vinyl #sparkly

EN | As probably a lot of you noticed I’m part of a little fashion blogger advent calendar with 23 other lovely girls on Instagram. And today is my turn to show you a sparkly winter look.

Sparkly, sparkly Sweater

As you may know I’m not the biggest fan of anything sparkly. Luckily I have deep down in my wardrobe a lovely sparkly sweater, obviously when I ordered it I had no idea that it was sparkly at all. So I was quite disappointed when I noticed that it’s sparkly as hell however I really loved the fit of it so I kept it. And  until now I haven’t had many occasions to wear it. But one year after I bought it, it finally fits perfectly to the occasion. For this look I combined the sweater with some grey pieces. Amongst others also with my all time favorite coat, which you haven’t seen for a while here on the blog. However with just a sparkly sweater the look wasn’t sparkly enough so I decided to go all in with some (shiny) vinyl boots.

How to style the vinyl trend?

Vinyl is definitely a topic for itself, ones love it and the others hate it. I actually played it quite safe and went for some vinyl boots. Probably the easiest vinyl piece to style. However I would recommend you to style some more elegant and chic pieces with vinyl so it doesn’t start to look a bit cheap. For example like I styled it, with some smart trousers and a high turtleneck. As always I would love to know what you think about the whole vinyl trend? And also how do you like my sparkly winter look?
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December Favorites

*Jacket: Adidas (via Snipes) | *Baker Boy Hat: Asos | *Bag: Tory Burch (via Zalando) | *Hat: Asos | *Black Belt: Asos | *Blue Sweater: Edited | *Earrings: NA-KD | *Bag: Guess (via Zalando) | *Boots: Steve Madden (via Zalando) | *Coat: Asos

EN | Winter is definitely here and so our wardrobes are literally screaming for warm and cozy pieces to get us trough the cold months. The big essentials are obviously a warm and cozy jacket, comfy boots, a cozy sweater and a warm hat. I totally fell in love with the blue turtleneck sweater from Edited. As you all know I’m a huge lover of turtlenecks and I have to admit that a blue one is still missing in my wardrobe. Also Baker Boy hats are the big thing this fall/winter season and I’m really thinking about buying one. So I’m curious to know what you think about the whole ‘BAKER BOY’ hat trend? And also what’s on your shopping list at the moment?
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Trenchcoats and Turtlenecks for Fall/Winter

Trenchcoats and Turtlenecks for Fall on #ootd #fall

EN | Those of you who are reading my blog for quite a while now will probably know how obsessed I’m with turtlenecks when it comes to fall/winter season. I literally live in them. Little fun fact: Most of the sweaters I own are turtlenecks.
So for this outfit I decided to go for a camel colored one to match my scarf. Also as it was a lot warmer than it is now I paired the look with my trench coat. I mean I basically lived in my trench coat during fall, I think it’s such a perfect basic piece. However the real highlight to this look are the boots for me. I’ve been looking for a similar pair for quite a while and found these ones at Zara. I mean aren’t they the perfect piece to add a edgy touch to your outfit? And how do you like this look in general?
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Shades of Blue

Shades of Blue on #ootd #blue

EN | Blue is not only a color I wear nearly all the time, it’s also my favorite one! You can literally call it my personal happy color. What is your favorite color to wear? If I’m not wearing blue it’s have to be black. One of both colors is always included in all my outfits. So guess which two colors are included in this look?! Black and Blue, you guessed it right. Blue definitely plays the bigger part in this outfit however I love to mix all blue looks with black accessories.
I found this gorgeous blouse in Milan at the beginning of October. Classic blouses are amazing staple piece to have in your wardrobe. However this blouse is definitely a little bit more of an eye-catcher because of the velvet details and also because of the pearls at the end of the sleeves. Also I love how it already combines different shades of blue. As I wanted to go for an all blue everything look I decided to combine the blouse with a simple pair of straight leg jeans. So how do you like this look?
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