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EN | The second month of 2018 is over and consequently my semester break as well. University starts again on Monday and the first two weeks are packed with a lot of courses. However I’m excited to see everybody again and catch up with them. In February I also found another amazing Netflix series: The Denver Clan! Sadly there is just the first season available yet, however I really loved watching it. So now I need a new series to watch, again! Haha, so if you have any recommendations on what I definitely have to watch, let me know. DE | Der zweite Monat von 2018 ist bereits vorbei und somit auch meine Semesterferien. Ab Montag heißt es für mich also wieder hallo Universität. Die ersten zwei Wochen sind auch relativ vollgepackt mit Kursen. Dennoch freue ich mich natürlich auch total dadrauf alle wiederzusehen. Im Februar habe ich außerdem schon wieder eine…

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Vintage Sweater on a Casual Day

Vintage Sweaters on a Casual Day on, vintage, skinny jeans, street style, casual winter look

EN | Vintage pieces are a part of my wardrobe since I was probably like 15. Throughout the years the whole vintage thing definitely became a big trend. And I started to wear vintage pieces not so often anymore. However this sweater is definitely a little favorite of mine. I got it from my granddad and so it also had a little story behind it and will reminds me of him forever. Besides the fact that a lot of vintage pieces have a story to tell, I also really like the quality of them. The quality is most often way better than it is now and pieces like this will be in your wardrobe for quite a while.
So todays look is actually quite simple: my beloved grey oversized coat, the vintage sweater, a pair of skinny jeans and some sneaker. How do you like this look and what do you think about vintage pieces?
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February Favorites’18

*Baker Boy hat: Asos | *Earrings: Urban Outfitters | *Coat: Edited | *Scarf: Asos | *Bag: Aldo Bruè (via Zalando) | *Jumper: Edited | *Jeans: Weekday (via Zalando) | *White Boots: Topshop (via Zalando)

EN | White boots are on my shopping wishlist for quite a while now. They’re actually totally en vogue right now and I think they look so cool, especially in winter season! However they can look a bit cheap if you don’t style them right. So what do you think about white boots and shoes in general? Also I’m totally obsessed with oversized coats and the color of the Edited one is just lovely. And as winter still isn’t over yet, a jumper, a scarf and a hat are also my shopping list. What is on your shopping list at the moment? And are you also so excited for spring?
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Grey is such a happy color

Grey is such a happy color on #ootd #grey

EN | Grey is such a perfect sample color in the wardrobe. I think it nearly fits to everything and can be worn to any occasion. However I think that a lot of people dosen’t associate the color with something happy and great! In Germany there is a old saw “grey mouse” for shy people that doesn’t stand out. With this all grey look I want to prove it wrong. I want to show everybody that grey is a happy color and it can make your whole outfit stand out! Obviously a good print mix is something important if you’re working with nearly only one color palette (in this case grey) for your look. Also working with different materials within your outfit is helpful to create an interesting and eye-catching outfit.
In this case I combined three different prints. To attract the attention even more to the center of the print mix I tied a quite colorful scarf onto my bag. I always go for this bag when it come to a print mix and I also think it looks amazing in combo with the print of the shirt and also with the print of the pants.
I’m actually also so so happy about how these pictures turned out! I absolutely love them and I can’t wait to hear what you think about them! Also how do you like this greyish outfit?
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EN | The first month of 2018 is already over. And quite a few things actually happened in January. After completing the first semester of my master studies I went directly to Berlin for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and also to see my bestie and cousins again. And for the first time ever I have a real semester break, normally I always had to study or write some theses. So I’m enjoying my free time and try to sort out my apartment a little bit. Everything has to be organized and there’s so much stuff here that I didn’t need any more.
So it’s quite nice to finally have some time to do this and of course also to spent some more time with friends and watch Netflix. Do you know the series Reign and have you watched it? If you haven’t watched it definitely give it a try, it’s about the life of Mary Stuart and I think the series is amazing. I’ve already watched all the available season on Netflix and now I’m waiting for the last season. And please let me know what your favorite Netflix series is? I definitely need to start watching a new one.
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