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TREND TALK | The Glen Check Blazer

And why you should wear a waist belt now EN | One of the biggest trends this spring season is probably wearing a waist belt. You can belt your jacket, your blazer or you can wear a belt over a dress, a blouse, whatever you can imagine. But i guess it became clear that a waist belt became quite a big think. One big plus of this trend is that you waist becomes the center of the whole outfit and looks slimmer (yes that’s kind of obvious but it’s still a big pro)! So as you can guess I tried the waist belt trend in this look. I simply belt my glen check blazer and combined it with a simple pair of mom jeans. Because I’m actually living in them right now and it also adds a casual touch to a chic blazer. How do you like this look and what…

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Hometown bond

Hometown bond on oversized coat, glen check., winter outfit, ootd

EN | It’s finally getting warmer and yes I’m talking about the weather again. ‘Cause I freaking can’t wait for spring! So fingers crossed that this will be my last winter look. However the pictures and this look are a bit older, maybe from like a month ago. That day it started snowing in the afternoon so a friend of mine texted me if I have some time to take some pictures. Btw. she is a photographer and I linked her Instagram profile below.
That day I was wearing my new coat, a cozy cashmere sweater and a simple pair of black jeans. How do you like this look and what do you think about the pictures?
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March Favorites’18

Cat-eye Sunglasses: Monki (via Asos) | Vinyl Fake Leather Jacket: Lost Ink (via Asos) | T-Shirt: Love Moschino (via Asos) | Earrings: Asos | Mom Jeans: Noisy May (via Asos) | Blouse: None the Richer (via Asos) | Sneaker: Nike (via Asos)

EN | And it’s winter again. I probably thought two or three times now that spring is finally around the corner. However winter is coming back again and again this year. But I’m still convinced that spring is going to be here soon. That’s also why all the things on my shopping list are spring appropriated.
The first item on the list are a pair of cat-eye sunglasses. I’m looking for the perfect pair for quite a while now so if you know where I can get a good one besides on Asos let me know! I think you can also guess what my favorite online shop is atm: Asos. At the beginning of the month I fallen in love with mom jeans. I literally could wear them 24/7. So it should be no surprise that some mom jeans are on the list as well. Also one of the big trends this season are sneakers. I already have a few pairs I wear all the time, one of them are definitely my white Adidas Superstars. I have them for nearly three years now so I’m really thinking about getting another pair of white sneakers and the ones from Nike really caught my eye. What do you think about them? And whats on your shopping list right now?
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Oversized Glencheck Coat

Oversized Glencheck Coat on http://vogueetvoyage winter outfit, glencheck, oversized coat

EN | Oversized coats are definitely my go to piece when it comes to winter season. And glencheck should be a common term for everybody who’s up to date with the latest fashion trends the past season. So this coat is a mixture of a trend piece and one that fits my personal style completely. For those of you who read my monthly review already know that I got this lovely coat at Sale and it definitely was a bargain.
I combined the oversized coat with a casual/sporty pair of black trousers with a white stripe and a quite chic blouse. So how do you like this outfit combo of a chic and comfy look? And what do you think about oversized coats and the glencheck trend in general?
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Winter Days and Denim Jackets

Winter Days and Denim Jacklets on denim jacket, winter outfit, turtlenck

EN | Winter finally seems to be over. Yesterday was the first day this year that it really looks like spring is just around the corner. And today we actually had 11 degrees and the sun was shining. So I’m hopefully right when I say that spring is coming! However I still haven’t shown you guys the pictures we took at the Harz around a month ago. Back then there was proper snow and around 0°C.
To stay warm in the snow I combined a big chunky sweater with a simple but oversized denim jacket. I’m just loving denim in combo with light colors and also especially with knit. Obviously I was wearing two more shirts underneath to really stay warm. And it worked. The rest of the look is quite simple: A pair of black jeans, my black Zara boots and a backpack. How do you like this winter look and are you also so excited for spring?
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