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It’s all about basics

And why creating a whole outfit out of your wardrobe staples don’t have to be boring! EN | Basics are probably the most important part of my wardrobe. Also by now you should know how much I love my basics! So it definitely was on the time for a complete basic look here on the blog. Combining all your wardrobe staples don’t have to look boring. A simple mom jeans, a simple white shirt, a trench coat and some white sneakers can be the perfect combination for a simple and casual everyday look. And all these pieces are definitely wardrobe staples if you ask me! What do you think about this look? And what are some wardrobe stables you can’t live without?

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Is denim on denim a thing again?

Is denim on denim a thing again? on double denim, denim on denim, denim jacket, mom jeans, trend

EN | I think you can all remember the time when denim on denim combos where THE big thing. Slowly I recognize that more and more people are starting to wear this combination again. Especially at the first Coachella weekend. So many people are wearing double denim again. The most seen combo on Instagram lately is a denim skirt in combination with a denim jacket. And I have to say that I’m absolutely loving it. Denim is probably my favorite fabric for clothes, especially when it comes to jackets and jeans.
So what do you think about my double denim outfit combo? And what do you think about the whole denim on denim thing in general?
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Monthly Review - March'18 on

EN | Hello April and also hello Summer?! It’s been such a nice day today and I hope that the good weather will stay for a little while. Because I actually worn shorts today without freezing.
However I want to talk with you about the last month, about March. So I guess the biggest change last month was definitely my new haircut. My long hair kind of belongs to me but I wanted to cut it a lot shorter for a while now. And at the end of March I finally had the balls (can you say that as a girl?! haha) to do it! At first I loved it, then I really missed my long hair and now I couldn’t be happier. So I’m curious to know what you think about my new hair style?
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TREND TALK | The Glen Check Blazer

The Glen Check Blazer on ootd, glen check, mom jeans, monki, hm, vinyl boots, aldo
And why you should wear a waist belt now

EN | One of the biggest trends this spring season is probably wearing a waist belt. You can belt your jacket, your blazer or you can wear a belt over a dress, a blouse, whatever you can imagine. But i guess it became clear that a waist belt became quite a big think. One big plus of this trend is that you waist becomes the center of the whole outfit and looks slimmer (yes that’s kind of obvious but it’s still a big pro)!
So as you can guess I tried the waist belt trend in this look. I simply belt my glen check blazer and combined it with a simple pair of mom jeans. Because I’m actually living in them right now and it also adds a casual touch to a chic blazer. How do you like this look and what do you think about the waist belt trend in general?
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Hometown bond

Hometown bond on oversized coat, glen check., winter outfit, ootd

EN | It’s finally getting warmer and yes I’m talking about the weather again. ‘Cause I freaking can’t wait for spring! So fingers crossed that this will be my last winter look. However the pictures and this look are a bit older, maybe from like a month ago. That day it started snowing in the afternoon so a friend of mine texted me if I have some time to take some pictures. Btw. she is a photographer and I linked her Instagram profile below.
That day I was wearing my new coat, a cozy cashmere sweater and a simple pair of black jeans. How do you like this look and what do you think about the pictures?
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