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Another Double Denim Look

EN | Same same but different. Denim on Denim is slowly getting on of my favorite combinations. However this look is definitely more chilled and relaxed than the last double denim outfit I showed you. This time I combined the denim jacket and the mom jeans with a simple grey shirt and some white sneakers. For a little pop of color I choose to wear a colorful headband, which definitely adds something more exciting to the whole outfit. So how do you like this look? And what do you think about the whole denim on denim combos in general, are you also such a big fan as me?

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Monthly Review – April’18

Monthly Review - April'18 on ootd, outfit, trench coat, white shirt, chanel, sunnies, vogue

EN | Hello May, or should I say nearly June?! This monthly review is definitely later than normally but I still wanted to publish it. Better late than never right? The last week was all about the GDPR and the weeks before all about university and studying. So here we go with my little April review

DE | Hallo Mai oder sollte ich lieber sagen fast Juni?! Ein bisschen später als gewohnt gibt es heute endlich die Monthly Review von April, aber besser spät als nie oder? Die letzte Woche stand bei mir ganz im Zeichen der DSGVO und davor hat mich die Uni einfach komplett eingenommen. Aber lasst uns mit meiner kleinen April Review beginnen:
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It’s all about basics

It's all about basics on basics, mom jeans, white shirt, trench, trench coat, white sneakers, ootd, casual
And why creating a whole outfit out of your wardrobe staples don’t have to be boring!

EN | Basics are probably the most important part of my wardrobe. Also by now you should know how much I love my basics! So it definitely was on the time for a complete basic look here on the blog. Combining all your wardrobe staples don’t have to look boring. A simple mom jeans, a simple white shirt, a trench coat and some white sneakers can be the perfect combination for a simple and casual everyday look. And all these pieces are definitely wardrobe staples if you ask me!
What do you think about this look? And what are some wardrobe stables you can’t live without?
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Is denim on denim a thing again?

Is denim on denim a thing again? on double denim, denim on denim, denim jacket, mom jeans, trend

EN | I think you can all remember the time when denim on denim combos where THE big thing. Slowly I recognize that more and more people are starting to wear this combination again. Especially at the first Coachella weekend. So many people are wearing double denim again. The most seen combo on Instagram lately is a denim skirt in combination with a denim jacket. And I have to say that I’m absolutely loving it. Denim is probably my favorite fabric for clothes, especially when it comes to jackets and jeans.
So what do you think about my double denim outfit combo? And what do you think about the whole denim on denim thing in general?
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Monthly Review - March'18 on

EN | Hello April and also hello Summer?! It’s been such a nice day today and I hope that the good weather will stay for a little while. Because I actually worn shorts today without freezing.
However I want to talk with you about the last month, about March. So I guess the biggest change last month was definitely my new haircut. My long hair kind of belongs to me but I wanted to cut it a lot shorter for a while now. And at the end of March I finally had the balls (can you say that as a girl?! haha) to do it! At first I loved it, then I really missed my long hair and now I couldn’t be happier. So I’m curious to know what you think about my new hair style?
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