5 (+5) Spring Trends

5 (+5) Spring Trends on www.vogueetvoyage.com

Happy Sunday everyone! Spring season has finally arrived and with it some new amazing trends. Today I want to talk about 5 massive spring trends with you. I also made a little collaboration with the lovely Abigail from www.sincerelyabigail.com. My spring trends are more based on the trends in Europe and hers are more about the US Trends. Most of the trends are definitely global but we both wanted to see how different the trends in Europe and the USA are. Make sure to check out her post as well. But let’s start with the 5 trends I’m going to talk about:

Sporty Bomber Jacket | See more pictures and all about how to style one of the trend pieces this season #bomberjacket in a sporty way on www.vogueetvoyage.com

1. Bomber jackets
As I already mentioned in my last post, bomber jacket are one of the trend pieces this season! You can see them everywhere in Europe right now. I think it’s the go-to spring jacket this season.

2. Choker
Chokers are the trend accessories this season if you ask me! It’s totally 90s if you asked me and I’m not 100%. Also festival season is just around the corner and I think chokers are the one accessory that you are going to see everywhere on festivals.

5 (+5) Spring Trends on www.vogueetvoyage.com

3. Denim on Denim
Denim on Denim was also really popular last year, and it’s still one of the main trends for this season. It’s a trend that can look really cool and edgy but can also easily be dressed up. You can play with different denim colors of example.

4. Statement Sleeves
Statement Sleeves also known as bell sleeves are a big 70s inspired trend this season. As you may know I totally love the whole 70s trend, so I’m also super in love with this trend. It’s also often combined with the next trend, off-shoulder.

5 (+5) Spring Trends on www.vogueetvoyage.com

5. Off-Shoulder
Personally I’m totally in love with this trend! The trend has this bohemian touch which I really love for spring/ summer season. It also belongs to the whole 70s trend that’s going on since last summer.

I wish you all a beautiful Sunday. And don’t forget to let me know what your top 5 spring trends for this season are and also what you think about this little blog collaboration. Lots of Love, Jeany.

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  1. 11/04/2016 / 19:05

    I really like the “cold shoulder” trend..it is the only part of me that isn’t overweight at the moment…so I am embracing that…

    • by Jeany
      11/04/2016 / 19:08

      That’s good that your embracing a part of your body that you love about yourself 🙂

      • 11/04/2016 / 19:13

        well its either the shoulders or my ankles..

      • by Jeany
        11/04/2016 / 19:16

        Don’t be to critical about yourself, I’m sure you’re beautiful 💕

      • 11/04/2016 / 19:19

        I’m really not that critical of myself…Thanks…I am exercising every day but not seeing a lot of improvement so I am a little cranky…

      • by Jeany
        11/04/2016 / 19:29

        Improvement comes with time 🙂

  2. Lindsay Katherine
    11/04/2016 / 19:13

    You totally nailed all of the spring trends! I’m seeing these EVERYWHERE. I was resistant to the idea of denim and denim and now I love wearing it; I’m also hesitant about the choker, but feel I should give it a try – after all, I did love them as a teen : )

    • by Jeany
      14/04/2016 / 16:48

      Thank you 🙂

    • by Jeany
      11/04/2016 / 19:29


    • by Jeany
      11/04/2016 / 21:37

      Thank you! 🙂

  3. 12/04/2016 / 11:32

    You are so gorgeous- I love your freckles! I am obsessed with chokers right now …just bought one from H&M that has a little dangly moon 🙂 And the shirts with the bell sleeves and off the shoulders are on my spring wishlist!

    • by Jeany
      12/04/2016 / 12:32

      Thank you so much!

    • by Jeany
      12/04/2016 / 17:04


    • by Jeany
      13/04/2016 / 6:15


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