Silk Scarf

Silk Scarf on | Jeany is wearing a simple outfit with a silk scarf to make the whole look more chic and interesting
Good morning everyone! Todays outfit is all about my new silk scarf which I got in the goodie-bag from the HashMag Blogger Lounge. I already told you in one of my last posts that I want to create an outfit with it. Silk scarfs are a trend piece for quite a long time now and I wasn’t really sure if I like the trend or not. But I have to say that I really like it after trying it out and want to create more looks with silk scarfs. This outfit is created out of basics pieces, my favorite black jeans, a grey t-shirt and my beloved grey coat. The silk scarf adds a little elegant touch to the whole outfit. So what do you think about this look?
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MBFW Berlin Photo Diary

MBFW Berlin Photo Diary on www.vogueetvoyage.comMBFW Berlin Travel Diary more on

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend so far. As promised I have a little MBFW Berlin Photo Diary for you today. You may have seen some of the pictures if you’re following me on Instagram (@vogueetvoyage).
After we arrived in Berlin we had some time before we can check into the hotel so we decided to go to the Bikini Berlin to drink a coffee and eat a little bit. The first picture was taken in a cute little café/ restaurant/ concept store called SUPER concept store at the Bikini Berlin. We also shoot the first MBFWB outfit there, which you can see below and also in the second picture.
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MBFW Berlin Second Look

MBFW Berlin Second Look | See more pictures and details about Jeany's second #FashionWeek look on #ootd #poncho #FW #MBFW #FWB
Hey everyone and happy Thursday! As promised I finally share my second fashion week look with you today. This outfit is definitely not as warm as the last one but it’s my favorite. I’m so in love with the turtleneck poncho and I think it looks amazing in combo with the bag. What do you think? I think the bag is the perfect Eye-catcher to make the whole look more interesting. The beautiful Furla bag is borrowed, but I’m really thinking about getting my own one, because they’re so beautiful. I actually can’t believe that this is nearly one week ago, time is running so fast right now. I also plan to share a little Berlin Fashion Week travel diary with you on Sunday. But before that don’t forget to let me know which one of my two Fashion Week looks your favorite one was! I can’t wait to read your comments.
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HashMAG Blogger Lounge

HashMAG Blogger Lounge on
Hey everyone! Today I want to talk to you about an event we went to at Berlin Fashion Week last week.  The HashMAG Blogger Lounge, which was a really great experience. The event was on Wednesday and Thursday, but we decided to go there on Thursday before going home again. We made some funny things there, for example we made a flip-book with Clockhouse, which we also got as a (really) short video that I put below for you. We also could try out lipstick and food and also got to know some brands like Clockhouse, Luilu jewelry and Augenmanufaktur. Do you also went to the MBFW Berlin and maybe also to the HashMAG Blogger Lounge? How do you like it?
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MBFW Berlin First Look

MBFW Berlin First Look | Jeany is wearing a 70s inspired look for her first Berlin FW outfit #MBFW #FWB #FashionWeek Happy Sunday everyone! As maybe already some of you read in my last post or on my Instagram (@vogueetvoyage) I was at the Berlin Fashion Week on Wednesday and Thursday. I went to a few events but I’m going to write a separate article about it soon. But before that I want to show you my first outfit for Berlin Fashion Week. The outfit is a bit 70s inspired and I’m wearing my beloved suede skirt again. I also tried to combine an outfit that’s stylish and warm at the same time, because it was really cold. The pictures were taken at the Bikini Berlin, on the rooftop and also inside. So what do you think about this look?
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Casual for a snowy Walk

Casual for a snowy Walk | Jeany from is wearing a cozy and casual outfit for a winter walk in the snow. #winteroutfit #turtleneck #ootd Good morning and happy Wednesday! Today is the day! As maybe some of you already read on my Instagram I’m off to Berlin for the Fashion Week. But before all the FW-Posts coming I have a casual winter outfit for you. The pictures where taken a few days ago on a snowy walk. The main focus of the outfit is to stay warm. If you’re a bit confused about my shoes it wasn’t cold at all. A warm winter jacket and a turtleneck sweater are the perfect combo to stay warm and it’s even better if the colors of both pieces fits perfectly together. I also combine my white Adidas Superstars to my outfit because they fit perfectly to the white snow if you ask me. Also the high-waisted jeans made the look more interesting and special. As always let me know what you think about this casual winter outfit. I can’t wait to read your opinion!
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Winter Sale Favorites

Winter Sale Favorites on #wintersale #sale #fashion
1.Gloves: Breuninger | 2.Winter Jacket: Vero Moda (via Zalando) | 3.Shirt: Calvin Klein (via Zalando) | 4.Bag: COCCINELLE (via Zalando) | 5.Sweater: New Look (via Zalando)  6.Watch: Daniel Wellington  | 7.Grey Bag: Micheal Kors (via Zalando) | 8.Suede Skirt: Topshop (via Zalando) | 9.Grey Dress: Bogner |10.Black Bag: Asos | 11.Coat: Breuninger | 12.Boots: Edited

Happy Sunday everyone! The winter Sales are still going on and before we all start shopping the new collections I really want to show you my Sale Favorites. Nearly all of the pieces fits perfectly in my beloved neutral color theme, I think I’m really a bit obsessed with black, grey, brown and beige. As I’m still looking for the perfect camel coat, because I think this is a piece of clothes every women should have in their wardrobe, I found this beauty from Breuninger (Nr. 11). I’m also really in love with the only piece that don’t fits into the neutral color theme. The orange bag. Personally I really love bright colors for bags, because I think it’s the perfect eye-catcher you can add to every outfit if you want to make the whole look more special. And what do you think about these black boots from Edited? As I have my black boots for two years now, it’s maybe time to look for a new pair. And these ones stole my heart a bit.
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Black and Grey in January

Black and Grey in January | Jeany from is wearing a black and grey winter outfit with a cozy grey winter jacket. #ootd #winteroutfit #blackandgrey #black #grey
Hey everyone and happy Thursday! Today’s blogpost is mainly about this lovely grey winter jacket. As may some of you know I have a little collaboration with SheIn. I can choose a piece of clothes and create an outfit with it. This time I decided to go for this winter jacket. I was super excited about the quality and a bit scared as well. But I have to say that I’m surprised in a positive way. The jacket is warm and the quality is good. Obviously you can’t compare this one with an Acne jacket (my absolute dream winter jacket, I think you all know the one I’m talking about), but for the price it’s really good. And it also have the same style as my dream Acne winter jacket, which is a big plus. Here you can take a look at the black version of my dream jacket, if you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about. The only bad point about it is that there is fluff everywhere from the jacket. But the more I wear it the better it gets. I have the jacket for a week now and there are nearly no fluff on my other piece of clothes from the jacket. I linked you the jacket below if you want to take a closer look at it and you don’t have enough money for an Acne winter jacket like me.
I combine the jacket with a grey sweater, black jeans and black boots to keep the look quite simple. So I decided to go for a total black and grey look. I really love to keep the colors of a look really neutral. What do you think about this winter look? I can’t wait to read your thoughts.
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Grey and Beige for Winter

Grey & Beige | Jeany from is wearing a casual grey and beige look for winter season. #grey #beige #winteroutfit #winter #outfit

Winter Outfit

Good morning everyone! Today I want to show you a casual grey and beige winter outfit. It’s still really cold outside, so it’s important to stay warm when you’re going out. I really think that beanies and long coats are a good way to stay cozy outside. As it’s getting dark super early right now I like to wear light clothes. As a little contrast you know.  So I decided to combine a light grey with a printed blouse and beige trousers. I also added some color with a dark red lipstick to make the whole look more interesting. As always please let me know what you think about this winter outfit? I can’t wait to read your thoughts.
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Turtleneck Poncho

Turtleneck Poncho | Jeany from is wearing a turtleneck poncho (from Zara) for the cold winter season. #ootd #turtleneck #fashion #stylediary #poncho #winteroutfit
Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a great week so far. My week was quite stressful, I had so much to do for university. But let’s talk about fashion now. Here is my first outfit for 2016! I went shopping last Saturday, because all the Sales started (especially the big Zara Sale, and we all know how obsessed I’m with Zara). I bought this turtleneck Poncho and also these boots. And yep the boots are not in Sale, I always managed to totally fall in love with something that’s from the new collection. What do you think about this look?
And there’s also something else I want to talk about with you. I finally got a Facebook page for my blog. I would be so happy if you’re going to like the page and leave me a comment what you think about it!
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