70s Vibes

70s vibes on www.vogueetvoyage.com
Happy Monday everyone! Todays post is a little collaboration with Rings&Tings. They started off as a petite boutique stall in Brick Lane market in East London, where they were selling rings and things. Now they have an online shop and are quite popular. They asked me if I would like to try out some jewelry from them and create an outfit with it. I loved the idea and so you can see the results today.
As you may already know I’m totally in love with the whole 70s trend. High waisted skirts/ jeans and suede are my go-to pieces right now. For this look I decided to combine my black suede skirt with a dark brown jumper (so 70s isn’t it?). The jewelry fits perfectly to the silver details on the skirt if you ask me. What do you think? Definitely let me know your opinion! I can’t wait to hear it.
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Denim Skirt

Denim Skirt | Jeany is wearing a denim skirt in combo with a light blazer as the perfect spring look on www.vogueetvoyage.com #denimskirt
Happy Monday! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and good start into the new week. My weekend was amazing because I visited one of my best friends. But let’s talk about fashion. Today I want to show you my look from Saturday. It finally was warm enough to wear a skirt and a light blazer. I’m totally obsessed with this denim skirt, it’s so cute! What do you think? And I also really love the shirt which I already told you about in my last post. As you also maybe already know this blazer is one of my absolut favorite spring pieces and I hope you’re not getting tired of seeing it a lot in the future. What do you think about this outfit combo for spring?
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April Favorites

April Favorites on www.vogueetvoyage.com

1. Blouse: Zara | 2.*Sunglasses: Prada | 3.*T-Shirts: Asos | 4.*Trenchcoat: Zalando | 5.*Bag: Furla | 6.*Grey Blouse: Asos | 7.Sandals: Zara

Good evening and happy Thursday! The weather here is so good and warm, spring is really finally here. Which means that it’s time to make your wardrobe spring approbate. I already ordered the two stripped t-shrirts. They’re such perfect basic pieces for a casual everyday outfit. I’m also really in love with the sandals and they’re on top of my wishlist right now. Also the white blouse is super gorgeous. I really love the 70s touch of it and it’s just perfect for summer. What is on your shopping wishlist for this month? And also don’t forget to let me know what of my pieces you like the most! I can’t wait to read your opinion about it.
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5 (+5) Spring Trends

5 (+5) Spring Trends on www.vogueetvoyage.com

Happy Sunday everyone! Spring season has finally arrived and with it some new amazing trends. Today I want to talk about 5 massive spring trends with you. I also made a little collaboration with the lovely Abigail from www.sincerelyabigail.com. My spring trends are more based on the trends in Europe and hers are more about the US Trends. Most of the trends are definitely global but we both wanted to see how different the trends in Europe and the USA are. Make sure to check out her post as well. But let’s start with the 5 trends I’m going to talk about:

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Sporty Bomber Jacket

Sporty Bomber Jacket | See more pictures and all about how to style one of the trend pieces this season #bomberjacket in a sporty way on www.vogueetvoyage.com
Good morning and happy Thursday everyone! Bomber Jackets are definitely one trend piece at the moment and I personally think that it’s the perfect jacket for spring season. As you may have seen in my last Favorites post I’m still looking for a khaki bomber jacket, so if you know where I can find the perfect one please let me know in the comments down below.
Todays outfit is a casual and sporty everyday look. I really love the color combo of my bombe jacket. Dark blue and dark red make such a beautiful color combo. To add some lightness to the whole look I combine the sporty bomber jacket with my white sneakers (for a more sporty look) and also with a white blouse (to add some elegance to the casual and sporty outfit). As always don’t forget to let me know what do you think about this sporty look?
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Hello Spring

Hello Spring | A new spring look is now on www.vogueetvoyage.com #ootd #fashionblogger #personalstyle
Happy Sunday and good evening! I hope you all had a beautiful weekend so far. It’s finally spring. You actually can’t imagine how happy I’m about it! This also means that I can finally share some beautiful spring looks with you. Todays outfit is quite colorful and I really like the color mix of the light pink blazer and the khaki skirt. A little fun fact, I bought the skirt 6 years ago in London and it still fits perfectly. What do you think about this spring outfit? I can’t wait to hear your opinion about it.
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A touch of Spring

See more pictures of this look on www.vogueetvoyage.com
Happy Monday! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Today I want to share a new outfit with you. This outfit finally have a little touch of spring in it. It’s still cold outside but you can finally see that spring is just around the corner and I can’t wait for it. Also the sun is shinning today. So I would call this my first spring outfit of the year. Personally, I really think that the lipstick color  and the pastel green of the shirt screams spring. What do you think about it? And what colors for spring do you love? I’m totally into light and pastel colors for spring.
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March Favorites

My March Favorites are now on www.vogueetvoyage.com, see all the things that are on my shopping list right now.

1. *Sunglasses: Net-A-Porter | 2. *Jeans  Shirt: Asos | 3. *Jacket: Asos | 4. *Lipstick: Douglas | 5. *Dress: Jades24 | 6. *Jeans Skirt: Zalando | 7. *Heels: Zalando

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend. I’m still learning all the time, because I have two exams left this semester. That’s also the reason why the update on Instagram (@vogueetvoyage) and also here on the blog isn’t really good. But it’s going back to normal when all my exams are done.
But let’s talk about fashion. I already did the same kind of post in February and decided to share all the pieces that are on my shopping wishlist in March with you again. Some of them are also some major trends this spring and summer season. For example denim, I’m looking right now for the perfect denim skirt and shirt, and bomber jackets, I really love this one in olive. I’m also looking for a basic grey dress for such a long time now and think that this one is great. What is on your shopping wishlist right now? And what do you think about my picks? I can’t wait to hear your opinions.
Another thing I really want to talk about is a little competition on kickz.com! You can vote for your favorite sneaker look there, and one of the looks is from me. So I would be super happy if you could vote for me if you like my look. I put you the link right here. When you vote for me you also take part in a giveaway, where you can win a 100 € voucher.
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Street Style PFW – Inspiration

Paris Fashion Week FW16 Streetstyle Inspiration on www.vogueetvoyage.com
Happy Thursday and good evening everyone! The fashion month and all the international Fashion Weeks are over. Last but not least I’ll share my favorite street styles from Paris Fashion Week with you today. But before we start with it, I would love to talk with you about my favorite fashion shows in Paris. Because of all the social media pages (especially Snapchat and Instagram) I was able to see so many amazing shows. My favorites shows were Balmain and Ellie Saab. Balmain was my favorite show when it comes to the color palette of the clothes. I’m super in love with all the (cold) pastel colors in combination with the big black waist belts. Ellie Saab was dominated by dark colors(especially black, dark red and dark blue) and a lot of lace. What was your favorite show at PFW? Enjoy the street style pictures and as always let me know what your favorite street style was. I can’t wait to hear your opinions.
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All black on a Sunday

All black on a Sunday on www.vogueetvoyage.com #allblack #ootd

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. I’ve been learning for my exam nearly the whole time. I hope you keep your fingers crossed for me. But enough about university now. Let’s talk about fashion. An all black look is the perfect outfit for me, it’s super classic and fits perfectly to every occasion. It’s definitely an outfit you can’t go wrong with. Today I can finally share a new all black look with you. And I can also show you the first outfit with my new black culottes. You’ve maybe already seen them on my last favorites post. Culottes are an elegant piece of clothes, so I decided to wear them with my leather jacket to dress them down. What do you think about this all black look? I can’t wait to hear your opinion about it.  Continue reading