HashMAG Blogger Look of the Year Award

Event: HashMAG Blogger Look of the Year Award on www.vogueetvoyage.com

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you all had a great week so far. As I already told you in my last post (where you can see my outfit for the evening) I went to the HashMAG Blogger Look of the Year Award in Hamburg last week. So I decided to share some pictures with you today. If you follow me on Snapchat (jeannee_r) you’ve already seen some pictures and videos from the event. The main reason for the event was the Blogger Look of the Year Award with a Fashion Show with all the winners of the awards. It also was the first HashMAG Blogger Look of the Year Award ever, so I was super happy to be part of it.
The Fashion show and Award startet after a nice reception with sparkling wine. The award was grant in the categories evening, business, sporty, beachwear, festival and edgy amongst others. Three pieces were nominated in each category and we had the opportunity to vote for our favorite pieces before. So it was really interested to see who actually won. After this it was time for the after show party with a buffet, drinks and a DJ. A highlight of the evening was definitely that I had the chance to meet one of my favorite german bloggers (Laura from Designdschungel) in person (last picture).
All in all the event was really amazing and I had so much fun. Let me know if you want to read more about the Events I go to. And definitely tell me if you also were at the HashMAG Blogger Look of the Year Award.
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Outfit for the Blogger Look of the Year Award

My Outfit for the HashMAG Blogger Look of the Year Award is now on www.vogueetvoyage.com #bloggeraward #hashmag

HashMAG Blogger Look of the Year Award

Happy Sunday everyone! As some of you may know or have seen on my Snapchat (jeannee_r) or my Instagram (vogueetvoyage) the first HashMAG Blogger Look of the Year Award took place last Thursday in Hamburg. My outfit for the evening is quite dark when it comes to the color scheme. In cooperation with Romwe I could pick a piece from their site and decided to go for this beautiful vest. As you may know I’m normally not the biggest fan of vests, but I have to say that I’m totally in love with this one and you’re going to see many more outfits with it here on the blog. I also decided to wear my two new pieces from Zara, which you may have seen already in my ‘May Favorites‘ posts. Because the main color in the bag is red I combined it with a red cropped top. To make the look more elegant I’ve also worn my black culottes. I always think they add is little elegant touch to every look. What do you think about the look?
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Prints and Denim

Prints and Denim on www.vogueetvoyage.com

Happy Thursday everyone! As you can tell from my warm clothes the weather got a lot colder in Germany the last few days. Anyway, todays look is all about the combination of prints and denim. The denim part is all about the denim jacket and the black jeans. When it comes to prints in this look it’s mostly all about my sweater and as you can see in the last picture my leo printed heels. Personally I really love the combination of the print on the sweater with the leoprint on the heels. What do you think about this print combo? Also I actually can’t believe that I own this sweater for more than 4 years. Little fun fact: I was wearing it in one of my first Lookbook.nu outfits back in 2012. And I still love it as much as on day one. So what do you think about my prints and denim outfit?
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May Favorites

May Favorites on www.vogueetvoyage.com #shopping #favorites #summer

1.*Straw Hat: Asos | 2.*Bikini: Farfetch | 3. Bag: Zara | 4.*Black Dress: Asos | 5.*Sandals: Net-A-Porter | 6. Fringe Bag: Zara | 7.*Blouse: SheIn | 8. Black Sandals: Zara

Happy Friday everyone! Sometimes I can’t believe how fast the time is running right now. We’re already half through may. So it’s time to share my shopping cravings of this month with you. I already ordered the black sandals and the red bag from Zara. I’m also super in love with the straw hat, I mean how lovely is it? Also one of the things that’s on my shopping list are off-shoulder pieces. The blouse from SheIn (7.) combines two trends (Bell Sleeves and Off-Shoulder) in one piece which is amazing if you ask me. What is on your shopping list this month and what’s your favorite from my list?
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It feels like summer

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and a good start into the new week. I’m actually thinking about writing my blogposts in both english and german. As you may know german is my mother tongue and so it just feels right to write in german as well. Definitely let me know what you think about it!
As already mentioned in the last post the weather in Germany is amazing right now! We have over 20°C every day and you can finally show your legs. Maybe not the best timing for me because I have a huge bruise on my leg, yep I’m a real fool sometimes. But anyway I have my first “summer outfit” for you today. The outfit is quite simple and casual. To make it a bit more special I added some silver details and accessories. What do you think about my first summer look?
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Met Gala 2016 – Best Dressed

Met Gala 2016 - Best Dressed on www.vogueetvoyage.com #bestdressed #MetGala

Hey everyone and happy Saturday! The weather here in Germany is amazing right now! It nearly feels like summer. I’m spending most of my time outside to enjoy the sun even though I actually need to do a lot for university. But enough about the weather and university. As you may know the Met Gala was this week and I love to take a look on all the beautiful red carpet looks. That’s why I want to share my favorite outfits with you today. My favorite dress was definitely the one from Alessandra Ambrosia (last picture), it’s just gorgeous. Enjoy the pictures and let me know what your favorite outfit was. I can’t wait to hear your opinion!
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Black and Blue

Black and Blue on www.vogueetvoyage.com #springoutfit #ootd #blackandblue
Happy Monday everyone! I’m so sorry for the lack of blog posts right now. I had some stressful weeks but my blogging schedule is going back to normal now. However, this is my first blog post with my new hair color. Those of you who are following me on Instagram (@vogueetvoyage) may have already seen it. I tint my hair much darker last week and I’m super happy with it. I was thinking about doing it for nearly half a year now and you can’t believe how happy I am that I finally have the heart to do it. But I’m also curious to know what you think about it! So let me know what you think about the color in the comments down below.
But enough about my new hair color and let’s talk about the main reason for this post: My Outfit from last Saturday! It was such a beautiful and sunny day that I was able to wear my denim skirt again. The outfit is mostly a combo of the colors black and blue. Both colors definitely belong to my favorites and I also think they look so good together. This time I combined my denim skirt with a dark blue sweater and black accessories. What do you think about it?
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70s Vibes

70s vibes on www.vogueetvoyage.com
Happy Monday everyone! Todays post is a little collaboration with Rings&Tings. They started off as a petite boutique stall in Brick Lane market in East London, where they were selling rings and things. Now they have an online shop and are quite popular. They asked me if I would like to try out some jewelry from them and create an outfit with it. I loved the idea and so you can see the results today.
As you may already know I’m totally in love with the whole 70s trend. High waisted skirts/ jeans and suede are my go-to pieces right now. For this look I decided to combine my black suede skirt with a dark brown jumper (so 70s isn’t it?). The jewelry fits perfectly to the silver details on the skirt if you ask me. What do you think? Definitely let me know your opinion! I can’t wait to hear it.
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Denim Skirt

Denim Skirt | Jeany is wearing a denim skirt in combo with a light blazer as the perfect spring look on www.vogueetvoyage.com #denimskirt
Happy Monday! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and good start into the new week. My weekend was amazing because I visited one of my best friends. But let’s talk about fashion. Today I want to show you my look from Saturday. It finally was warm enough to wear a skirt and a light blazer. I’m totally obsessed with this denim skirt, it’s so cute! What do you think? And I also really love the shirt which I already told you about in my last post. As you also maybe already know this blazer is one of my absolut favorite spring pieces and I hope you’re not getting tired of seeing it a lot in the future. What do you think about this outfit combo for spring?
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April Favorites

April Favorites on www.vogueetvoyage.com

1. Blouse: Zara | 2.*Sunglasses: Prada | 3.*T-Shirts: Asos | 4.*Trenchcoat: Zalando | 5.*Bag: Furla | 6.*Grey Blouse: Asos | 7.Sandals: Zara

Good evening and happy Thursday! The weather here is so good and warm, spring is really finally here. Which means that it’s time to make your wardrobe spring approbate. I already ordered the two stripped t-shrirts. They’re such perfect basic pieces for a casual everyday outfit. I’m also really in love with the sandals and they’re on top of my wishlist right now. Also the white blouse is super gorgeous. I really love the 70s touch of it and it’s just perfect for summer. What is on your shopping wishlist for this month? And also don’t forget to let me know what of my pieces you like the most! I can’t wait to read your opinion about it.
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